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Bonum Vel Malum


In the future, the new government decided to make a newer system-one much different from Earth today. Every citizen 10 and under are on the Neutrum side. Every 365 days, all the current fifth graders are granted with two choices, the Bonum side or the Malum side. Once that choice is made, they can’t go back.


Chapter I: Kawaii’s POV

Only two more weeks until the choosing ceremony. I think as I walk outside. The government officials are already setting up for the upcoming event. I don’t get why everyone is excited for the ceremony. Sure you get a chance to meet new friends and get a good career, but you have to leave your family behind, unless you have siblings. All of my siblings have already chose their side-Bonum and they’re all happy.


Nobody in the Lycon family talks about the Malum side. Everyone thinks the Malum side is where the dark lords are-but I don’t think so. I’m going to prove to my family that the Malum side isn’t as bad as it seems.


I look across the street and see a couple of my friends--with the flyers for the ceremony. I don’t want to hear about this ceremony again. I walk to the oak tree in my yard and start climbing it. Everyone says I rage-climb when I’m angry.

“I think that’s a new record, Kawaii!” I look down and Lite waves. I start to wave back, but I almost fall off.

“I’ll be down soon!” I start to advance down. When I finally reach the ground, Lite hands me a flyer.

“The choosing ceremony is coming up!” I quickly skim through the flyer and I give it back.

“You think we’ll choose the same side?” Lite inquires. I shake my head. Lite and I don’t have much in common-we meet because of our parents.

There was a bit of a silence, so I decided to fix up my hoverboard that Lite broke last week. I get out the rusty tools that my parents had in the shed and got to work. The motor could use some oil…..the foot straps could be tightened...I don’t think I could fix this… After about an hour, the hoverboard was fixed and good as new. I look over at Lite, who was looking at pictures on his phone. I grab my helmet and hoverboard and walk over to Lite

“Want to have a hoverboard race?” Lite looks up at me and I suddenly feel unwelcome, like I’m not supposed to be here. He smiles.

“Bet I can beat you this time,” Lite already had his helmet on and he grabs his hoverboard, “Let’s go!


Chapter 2: Lite’s POV

The choosing ceremony is today. Those two weeks went too fast. I can’t stop shaking-this ceremony is the biggest decision of a ten year old’s life. Kawaii is also nervous-I can see it in her eyes. She sees fear...and betrayal. I pat her shoulder but she doesn’t notice.

“Lite Labonty, to the stage please.” Kawaii looks at me, for the first time that day. I walk over to the stage, confidently. There are two bowls-one that is snow white with aqua blue stripes, and one that is obsidian black, with red gems tracing the bowl. I pick up the torch given to me and look at both bowls. Now, this is your choice, it doesn’t matter what Kawaii is going to choose. I chose one and I disappear.


“Kawaii Lycon to the stage please.” I walk up the stairs and I don’t look back. I’m pretty sure I know Lite chose the one I was going to choose. I jammed the torch in the black and red bowl and I was teleported to the Malum base. I frantically look for Lite, but he isn’t to be seen.

There is a glass border between the Malum side and the Bonum side. I press my hands against the glass and then I see Lite, with all my friends. They all look happy, and then I hear the host, saying that everyone has chosen. All my friends are startled and try to look around for me and then they see me, on the other side. They run off. When Lite looked over at me, he runs over. He tries to break the glass, but it’s no use. We look at each other.


Kawaii’s POV

Kawaii looks as if someone ripped out her heart and put it into a shredder. I pat her through the glass-and she starts to cry, making me feel awful. I try getting one of her friends to help, but they have all left.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay.” A guy on the Malum side gives her a hug. The guy looks up at me, through the dirty glass. I smile and wave but he doesn’t smile back. What kind of boyfriend makes her girl cry? He mouths at me. I glare at him. If only I could break through the glass….

“Now, what’s your name, sweetie?” Kawaii wipes her eyes and looks up at him.

“K-Kawaii.” She answered. He smiles

“I like that name! I’m Hunter.” He helps her up and they both disappear. What have I done?


7 Years Later

Chapter 3: Lite’s POV


“General Lite, we need these papers signed, ASAP!” My assistant thrusts a stack of papers on my desk and leaves. I look at the post-it note on the top of it. All papers need to be signed by tomorrow. I shove the papers off my laptop and open it. Hello General Lite. Insert Password Please:. I enter the password and open the tracker app I downloaded. This princess must REALLY be strong. Each day, Natalie sends 103 men to capture the princess and only 10 come back..Which is going to change.


“General Lite, taking off in T-Minus 30 seconds.” I put on my helmet and fasten my seatbelt. I studied the princess’s palace and figured out where and when she will be--unarmed.

“10...9….8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1… Takeoff Initiated. The airship takes off and the base gets smaller and smaller as I go up. Time for a long journey..


Chapter 4: Kawaii’s POV

The palace is surrounded by guards-which isn’t a good sign. I go up to Bob, one of my personal guards.

“Bob,” He looks down at me, “Why are there so many guards on this fine winter day?” He shrugs and I groan. I stalk up to the top of the palace and look for any signs--none. This is just great, JUST GREAT!

“You okay, Princess?” I turn around and Hunter is behind me. I sigh in relief. He’ll know what’s going on.

“Why are there so many guards?” I demand and Hunter looks scared for a moment but he smiles.

“Today, we get new rookies,” Hunter says, “It’s the choosing ceremony.” Of course it is.

“Ohhh, gotcha…” I go back downstairs to the Swanton Fortress.

“H-Hey!” Hunter calls out, but I don’t hear him. I’m too busy thinking about the ignorant ten-year olds, thinking they’re ready to live on the malum side. I knew I belonged here all along-ever since I was warped into the malum lobby. The extravagant black palace walls, marked with shimmering red rubies.


Chapter 5: Lite’s POV

After a good hour of searching for the grand dining hall, I can’t find it. All the hallways look exactly the same, same guards in the same positions. This guard costume is sweaty and hot, and if I take it off--bad things will happen. I keep walking, not giving up hope and there it is--a doorway I never seen before! I run up to it, energy building up inside me. When I’m in front of it, it’s a doorway-to the same hallway from before. I’m so done. I start going back the way I came, but it’s gone. I sit down and try to think of how I can find the princess-or even better, a way out of here.

“Guard 5294, have you lost your schedule?” I turn around and almost gasp. 7 years ago, this guy was the one that made Kawaii feel better. A fake smile appears on my face, but he couldn’t see it.

“Yesssssir.” I mutter. He gives a smile.

“I can show you the main office, so you can get a new one.” He starts to swiftly walk towards the main office and I barely can keep up.


Kawaii’s POV


I finish eating my “luxurious” meatloaf and started to go back to my room, but as I passed the main office, there was Hunter, leading a guard to the main office.

“Woah, woah, woah, stop right there,” I wave Hunter off and look at the guard, “Why aren’t you at your post?”

“He lost his schedule.” Hunter said. I look at him and the guard.

“Fine, but I want to talk to the guard about proper uniform when you guys are done.” I sigh and look at the time. 13:34..the recruits are going to be here at 14:00. The guard comes back with his proper schedule, and I march up to him. The guard looks quite nervous. He looks around, but is startled when sees me.

“Do you even know the proper guard uniform?” I ask. He shakes his head. I slap my forehead. “Why don’t you take off your helmet and we can talk.” The guard takes off his helmet and before I saw it coming, he puts me in a potato sack. All goes dark.


Lites POV


I can’t believe it! I got the princess! That was almost TOO EASY. I start to run towards my ship, and there are many guards after me.

“COME BACK HERE!” One takes out a laser gun and I stop.

I hold up the princess in the potato sack and then I take out my lightsaber.

“Take another step, and I will cut the princess in half.” I growl. All the guards back up, and run away. I break into a run once the last guard was out of my sight. I called the office and nobody picked up. Please leave a message. I hung up and unlocked my ship. I tossed the princess in the front and put a seatbelt on. T-Minus 10 seconds, it said. I pressed the SPEED UP COUNTDOWN BUTTON. I never pressed it before, because of the risk of the ship crashing. The ship blasted off and the princess was quiet. I threw the potato sack off of her head and she was crying. I couldn’t see her identity because of the red bandana she wore over her eyes. I patted her shoulder(even though I was capturing her) and kept on driving.


Kawaii’s POV


I knew the day would come where I will die. That day was today. The potato sack was off my head and I could see again, but the guard had put handcuffs on me and shoved me off the ship and everyone was cheering around him, patting his back.

“THE PRINCESS IS CAPTURED! ALL HAIL GENERAL LABONTY!” I freeze. I heard the last name before.

“Move it princess.” I get shoved and I start walking again. I’m put in a room with a chair and shattered glass on the floor and I’m shoved in it. General Labonty ties me up and looks down at me. I look back up at him.

“Bae! You caught the princess?!” She kisses his cheek and it’s an ugly sight. I build up the courage to spit on her shoe.

“OMG EW!” The clingy girlfriend has a disgusted look on her face. General Labonty looks horrified as well and what do I do? I start to laugh. That face was classic. The girlfriend leaves to clean off her shoe and the general shoves me so hard, I fall over. My hand is bleeding, due to all the glass on the floor but I don’t care.

“HOW COULD YOU SPIT ON HER SHOE?!” He shoves me over again and my hand gets worse. The blood is spreading on the floor. Little did I know that spitting on someone’s shoe could get you in a lot of trouble.


After about an hour of being shoved around, he has had it. Everything is bloody, the floor, my clothes, my body..even the general’s shoes has some blood on it.

He fixes my chair and looks down at me again.

“I have had it with that bandana!” He leans over and rips it off my face. He gasps and suddenly, I gasp too.


Lite’s POV


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kawaii was the Malum princess, and I have been treating her wrongly. I start frantically apologizing and Kawaii looks at me, disgusted. Like Natalie was disgusted earlier.

“Y-You….” A single tear runs down her face. Her eyes turn red. I back up, surprised. I guess Malum people’s eyes turn red when they’re angry. She didn’t turn into a demon, thank god. Wolf ears popped out and a tail popped out too.

“Aww that’s adorable.” I go over to pet it but Kawaii breaks out of the handcuffs and chair. She runs over and kicks me into the wall.

“HOW COULD YOU TAKE ME AWAY FROM MY HOME!” She sucker punches me and goes to the corner and starts crying. I embrace the pain and walk over. Her eyes aren’t red anymore and she is a human again.

“U-Unlike you, I had a great career, friends, a true love and you took it all away from me…” She starts sobbing again. I want to feel bad for her, but I don’t feel any sympathy for her.

“Yeah? You think your life is bad now?” I take out my list of why my life sucks and starts to read it out loud.

“Wow. You’re being so pathetic.” She gets up and kicks down the door. She breaks into a run out of the run, and I feel helpless. I don’t go and get her. I sit there and then I hear some gunshots in the hallway. I run out and Kawaii is laying on the ground. There is blood on the ground and she looks up at me and smiles. I bend down, crying.

“W-Why did you do that?” I demand. I punch the floor, crying again. She smiles.

“I did it for you, Lite.” She goes limp and I try to shake her awake. She doesn’t wake and I freeze.


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