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Waldenwood was where I walked across the street every morning awaiting laughter morphing into glares. Where I jumped and missed the branch of a tree. Where I could feel my bones slowly cracking on the roots. It was there where I stood still while the silver SUV came straight at me swerving right at the the last second leaving me and my ears ringing of giggles. Where I hit the ball against the curb hoping my stick would catch the ball before the sewer. Where me and my 14 year old sister hopped in the car craving milkshakes. Where I got the call that my sister had a 90% chance of living from a disease. Where my brother and his car, body bumped a tree. Fox Hunt was where I sat in the road at 11pm while my best friend paced in circles around me. Where the darkness spread silence allowing my best friend to break through it with a knife. Where me and my friends jumped in a sewer. Where I biked when the news of death came at me like a brick wall. Where I ran when the smell of smoke came through the door. Just two roads.

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