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The scorching sun burned against his heavy shoulders, for the weight of an abandoned kingdom lays upon them. Yet tonight as the prophecy held, the stars aligned with Mars, meaning tonight a Prince turned explorer, warrior, on a quest for freedom. Anis was next in line for the crown, although it wasn’t just a crown to be placed on his head, it was also the responsibility of the thousands of townspeople, which wasn’t the destiny Anis was mean to have. Once turned sixteen and stumbling upon his grandfather's prophecy book, he knew he had to follow the trail of the Red Storm, which stated that once the stars of Orion's belt aligned with Mars, you must leave your past behind and follow wherever the jewels of the sky take you.

Stained glass patterns from the colossal castle windows danced across Anis’ face, like a mark of the life planned out for him, who he still is. With a deep breath, he caught himself before looking back and stared up at the galaxy he was about to leave his footprint on. His horse kicked up a storm of sand once he trotted away, the past to be crushed into another star.

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