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There was a man living in the north in Jenzte. His name was Kin. Kin was the sweetest; he walked with his grandma, fed the homeless, and made clothing for little children. Every single day, he came to a woman named Alex who lived down the street from him and he asked Alex to donate one dollar to the Children’s Disabilities fund, and she did every day. He was probably the most perfect person. The only thing a little off about him was that he never came out in the afternoon, just in the morning.

Alex just woke up and did her usual morning routine: get up, take a shower, eat breakfast and go for a walk with her dog. When Alex and her dog, Ruffle, were walking outside, Ruffle barked so loud at something that her eardrums were bursting with loud noises. Ruffle tried to get out of his leash to go chase after something, but Alex saw no other dogs or cats around. After a lot of effort, Ruffle finally got out of his leash, and started running towards Kin’s house. Alex screamed, “ Bad doggy, come back!” while chasing after Ruffle.

When they arrived at Kin’s house, Alex saw something weird in one of the curtains’ shadows. It was more of a shape than an animal or person; after staring at it for a while, Alex realized that it was some kind of mixed dog and cat animal, maybe a “dot”. After standing there for a while Alex realized that Ruffle’s barking stopped, because Ruffle went into the house where the creature was. Alex screamed “No Ruffle, don’t go near the monster” as she tried to follow the muddy paw prints of Ruffle. Alex finally found Ruffle and decided to hold him in her hands.

They scoured the house to see if Kin was home. When they went to the place the monster was, Kin was lying on the floor, with blood gushing out of his body. “Ahhhhhhhhh!”, screamed Alex and she tried to save him but immediately fainted. When the neighbors heard her scream they immediately came and called 000 which was their emergency number for the police, ambulance, and firefighters. When the ambulance came, they took Kin on a stretcher and diagnosed his death cause of poison.

Alex was on the ground when one of the EMTs came and woke her up and checked all of her vitals. After she was cleared, the police came and questioned her. Because of the blood on her hands from trying to save Kin, the police named her as their number one suspect. Even though she told the whole story, the police didn't believe it. Alex was taken into custody and Ruffle was put into a pet adoption center. No matter how many times Alex told the story to the police, they still believed that she was guilty.

The only good news she got was that she could get one phone call from the police station. With that phone call, she called her brother, MAX, who was the head of the FBI. When she called him, he said that he would get to the bottom of it. He also brought up that there was a string of murders involving a serial killer who wore animal like masks that confuse people. “That has to be it!” said Alex. “Yes, I guess”, said MAX, “I will look into it and I will inform the police that you are innocent, and I have some hard evidence from the crime scene to plead your innocence.”

Alex was ecstatic, so she put the Chief Officer Shren on the phone to talk with her brother. Her brother talked about how the m.o. of the serial killer in the other states is the same in this crime scene. The m.o. is a burning cigarette in a glass platter. After they talked for a while, the call ended and all of the lights were shut in the police station and a faint green glow started on the station television. It was the masked man.

Alex exclaimed. “That was the shape of the mysterious figure. That was the person who killed Kin!” Suddenly, the television turned off by itself and the lights were on and brighter than ever. In her mind Alex thought of why a serial killer would kill the nicest person that lived on the face of the Earth. She got her answer when the Chief sent an announcement throughout the police station. That announcement talked about the killer, his or her m.o., how he or she looked, and what he or she had done so far. Chief Shren went to Alex to see if there was anything else that she might have forgotten to say. Alex said that there was not so the chief went back to his desk trying to figure out who the killer was.

When Alex was released, she got Ruffle back and went home to find her house in shreds. Mysteriously, she found the killer’s m.o., a burning cigarette in a glass platter. She alerted the police, and they came straight to her house. Chief Shren asked Alex if she saw something, but she said that she didn’t.

When she was going through the debris of her house, she went to her room and found a big board full of pictures of several different crimes. When the chief came, he was very surprised that a criminal would leave evidence of their crimes. Alex thought that it might be a puzzle. Once she observed the photos carefully, she instantly knew that it had something to do with their bed because the board has several pictures of the people who were killed by this killer on their beds. Alex went to her bed and found an envelope full of pictures of clues to where the killer’s headquarters were. She saw a mirror in the background of one of the photos, and she started to get an idea of where the killer’s headquarters were. She knew that it was the old abandoned mirror company’s warehouse where many people have “supposedly” encountered ghosts and apparitions.

Quickly a horde of squad cars arrived at the warehouse once they got that piece of information. They tried breaking into the building, but there was simply no way of entry. Chief Shren and Alex found a way to get into the building at that was through the roof. When they got inside the building they saw the killer’s back, and Officer Shren shot the killer in the back.

When they came close to the body, Alex unmasked the person, and she found Kin at the seat. She exclaimed, “No, this has to be wrong”.  Chief Shren, in a menacing voice said, “Yes, it is wrong because I have been the killer the whole time, and I just used Kin as my pawn after I killed him.” Alex tried to run away as fast as she could but he caught up to her and shot her in the leg. She fell on the ground, but to her surprise, Ruffle came in and bit the killer in his leg, leading to him falling down on his back and fracturing the bones in his leg.

When the other officers came in, they arrested Shren and helped Alex to an ambulance stretcher. The next day, the officers came to Alex’s house to give both her and her dog a medal of bravery and honor. Even though this case was over, Alex got a mysterious phone call saying that she should savor the few days she has left. Is this mystery over or is it just starting?

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