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There’s a man, on a cross

He’s endured suffering, and loss

His people, they do pray

For his mercy, one day


We have heard, of the Devil

He is cruel, and unlevel

We seem him, as fear

Cruelty, sheds not a tear


As long as there’s death,

There shall be an everlasting breath

To our saviors, we sing

Our eternal king


In fields of green, we stand

Upon our great land

In our hamlets, we thrive

As journeymen, we arrive


‘To war’, we cry

While we stand with those, who’ll die

To arms, and wall

And the screaming call


Together, we join

To fight, for precious coin

And kill, as we do

For death, that we rue

Religion, in our heart

To bitter battle, we start

Unsure why, but for pride

As one, side-by-side


If only, we become one complete

Trotting, on weary feet

Throw away, our tools of harm

And embrace, arm-in-arm


So now, with terror wrought

And families, distraught

We strive for good

Like we always should


And leave in our wake

For our own, thankful sake

A trail to follow

No more grief, will we swallow


Now, we leave our land

In the future’s, grasping hands



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