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I grabbed my lucky black blazer and walked out the wooden door, and jumped into the car. This has been my fourth interview this week. None of the companies want a female engineer, and they definitely don’t want one that is straight out of college. My blazer brought me luck when I was in school, but not in the real world.

As I pulled into the empty parking lot I started to think, maybe I shouldn’t wear my jacket it hasn’t helped at all this week.  I get out of my car and look down at my outfit. I stare at my blue dress then my blazer and decide to take it off. I step into the office building.

“Excuse me, I am here to see Lisa,” I told the lady at the front desk.

“ That’s me, are you here for the interview?”

“ Yes”

“ Well, tell me about yourself and your experience,” I answered the question like I answered it in my past interviews. I suddenly got nervous.

“ Thank you. That’s all I needed, I will contact you later with my decision.” Walking back to my car I hope that this is the one that actually hires me.


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