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I walked over to the large vanity, running my fingers across the old wood and grab a brass handle and pull. Inside there is a large box with brilliant jewels. At the very bottom, something catches my eye. I grab it and hold it up to the light. A gorgeous hairpin covered in crystals. I slip it into my long black hair, coiled in a loose bun. I look in the mirror, only to see a blur of my face and the perfectly clear moonlit pin. The mirror almost looked like water. I reached for it, but soon as I did I felt my whole body fall through the mirror. I was no longer sitting at the vanity, no longer in the old house, I was nowhere that I have ever been before. It was dark and cold. I was sitting on damp moss surrounded by thousands of tangled trees and a small glowing pond. In it, I saw a faint glimmer of the room I was just in. I jump into the surprisingly warm water, desperate to get back. But there was no hope I was stuck in this forest, forever.

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