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 It’s 1918 and the tragic war that seemed to last a lifetime is finally over. I can remember it just like it was yesterday, guns firing cannon booming, people dying, screaming, and wounded. Being a nurse in the war, I've pretty much seen it all. Doctors yelling orders for people to help wounded soldiers that have had their arm, legs or sometimes even both blown off by a firing gun or a land mine. Also not knowing who to trust and making sure that you are careful what you say or do because anyone could be a spy...anyone

 Today people are suffering from some of the most horrific gases. One is called mustard gas. This would literally cause severe burning of your skin and eyes. This gas is consumed by breathing or by coming into contact with any part of your body. The only way to avoid this gas is to wear a gas mask and to be completely covered from head to toe. There were three men that were rushed into the clinic this morning, because they had been exposed to mustard gases that had caused them to swell, burn and blister. All of them were screaming and crying in pain. We had to carry the men in on stretchers, because they couldn't move any part of them whatsoever.

Right away the other nurses and I started to treat these three men. I looked at the dog tags, that they were wearing around their necks, and I told the others their name and ages. “Billy Anderson 23 years old, Adam Jones 31 years old, Mason Cooper 35 years old.”

I began to zone out, “Mason Cooper” I said over and over in my head. The name sounded so familiar. I finally realized that back in grade school, I had a friend named Mason. In fact he was one of my best friends. Unfortunately in 8th grade he moved away to Florida, and I never saw him again. Surely this can't be my friend from school...

“Taylor, Taylor,” one of the doctor began saying my name.

I wondered how long she had been saying it, before I actually realized it. Finally we all began to help the three soldiers. We started out by spraying all of the men down with cool mist to ease the burning. Then we applied sterile petroleum jelly to both of their eyelids and ruptured blisters to prevent them from sticking to their clothes. Once we finished, we let the men rest, until they were ready to go fight again.

The next day I did some research on Mason, and I found that unfortunately for me he is not the Mason from my school. In fact this Mason Cooper lives in New Hampshire and has a wife and kids. But when he heard about this being the war to end all wars, he decided to help fight for his country, which is very courageous considering that he has family at home.   


This is a terrible war. It's been going on for four years now. Although I've only been here for four months, it feels like I've been here a decade. Prisoners, spies, torture and death are just some of the horrifying things that are happening to innocent people, who are just trying to fight for their country. Sometimes I wonder what will happen, if we lose the war. Will all of this death and suffering be for nothing?

A few months later I looked out the window. I saw something big and bulky and very strange looking. It's a green color with strange rubber tracks for wheels. Apparently it's called a tank, and it's used in fighting, and the soldiers are using them. They shoot high explosive anti-tank rounds and are extremely dangerous, but very useful, if you're the one operating the machine.

Today I have gotten a letter from my family saying that they have invented two new important advancements called blood banks and plastic surgery. Apparently plastic surgery allows soldiers that have gotten injured to get plastic postetics to make them look and function more normal again. A blood bank is a place, where people can donate blood for people that are in need or sick. Also they have made a new product called rubber.. This is now used for tires and is an easier way to transport things. Not to mention that this will open up new jobs for people. This is new technology. I showed this letter to my colleagues, and they were shocked. We all can't wait for this war to end, so we can go home and see the magnificent new jobs and inventions.  

I've gotten news that The 1917 State of the Union Address was given by Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States. The State of the Union Address was a speech given by Wilson in the House of Representatives’ chamber in Washington D.C. During this speech he emphasised his concerns about the leaders of Germany not supporting world peace. He did not want to debate the causes of the war but felt the leaders of Germany had been unjust.


Later on, the Germans launched their first major offence on their Western Front in a year.  They were attacking France and aiming their guns towards Paris. America is sending soldiers to help the Allies to hold off the Germans. I pray for Allied victory, and that the war will end soon.


With the Germans previous failure of an attack on france, the allies launched a counterattack. This ended the second battle near the Marne River in France. The Allies were victorious!  It looks like we are going to win this war. Thank the Lord!

Sadly there is a terrible deadly flu that's going around. This fever is so bad, that the clinic is full of sick men and women. Most of them didn't make it, and even some of the other nurses are getting sick. The only way to survive this flu is luck, and I sure hope I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't get it at all!  


Finally my prayers have been answered! Germany signed an Armistice which is an agreement to stop all fighting. Everyone that heard the news was crying. Most people were crying tears of joy, but some were crying, because they had lost a loved one. As for me I will go home  and enroll in a college and hopefully get a job as a doctor. Imagine what would've happened if Germany had won? They probably  would've taken over Europe and then tried to take over the other countries and maybe the United States!. We probably would have needed to learn a different language. But none of that matters, because we have won! Before I boarded the ship back home to America, one of my good French colleagues said to me, “Be proud, my friend, you Jusqu'auboutiste!” And she was right, I had made it to the end!

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