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          I was standing in the middle of the woods, looking around trying to find my sister. I could  hear trees crack, the sounds behind me made me nervous. There was also a very foul smell everywhere. All of the sounds and these smells put a chill up my spine. The thought of my sister being gone made me panic. Then I thought to myself, how did I even get here?

All I could remember was my sister and I outside playing soccer after my parents left around 5:40 p. m. to go to their anniversary dinner at the restaurant down the street. I thought and thought and thought, but then it finally came to me, I probably couldn't remember, because the last thing I remember is getting hit in the head with a soccer ball. I know I passed out, so maybe this was a side effect???  But  I couldn’t think about this now. I needed to find my sister. As soon as I heard more noises, I knew I had to find my sister.  

As I was  walking through the lightless woods, I saw a strange figure in the woods slowly walking towards me.  

I called out, “Is that you sis?” hoping it was her, but I heard nothing from the abnormal figure. Then, I started walking towards it, but as it got closer, the one figure eventually turned into two. I started running, running away as fast as my legs could go. As soon as I turned my head to see behind me, both of the figures vanished, right into thin air.

Hours went by and there were no signs of my sister and I was lost and tired. I sat down to rest, and I started to doze off  at the end of a tree trunk. When I woke up it was morning, but I wasn't where I originally fell asleep.

I started to look around.  I saw about ten people, but they weren't on the ground, they were up in individual baskets hanging in trees. I was one of them.

I could hear very strange noises and people talking very loudly in a language that I couldn't understand. Then, I finally saw my sister once again! It looked like she had been there for a while.

“I wonder how long I had been here?” I thought to myself.

There was a door on the baskets, but it was latched from the outside and had chains around it. Whatever had caught my sister and me, definitely didn't want us to leave. The only way we could get out was to unlatch the basket through one of holes, and after you did that you would need a key. I knew that I had to break free and save everyone, but I also knew that it wouldn't be easy. I had to think how… and fast.

While I was thinking, I saw someone else try to escape, but one of the  strange people caught him and killed him.

As time passed, I called our camptives,  The Watchers because they would watch you like a hawk. The Watchers seemed part demon with bright yellow eyes. I felt as if  it was colder, when they were around. To me, the Watchers must have very cold hearts. Afterall, why would they  kidnap all of these innocent people for no honest to good reason.

After, seeing the other guy fail, I kind of  lost all hope. Then I heard a familiar voice. it was my sister whispering to me saying, “You can do this sis, I know you can.”  

In that event, my sister had made me realize,  that I could do it, that I was brave and courageous. So that night, when it turned dark, and the Watchers had gone to bed, and I was sure  I was the only one awake, I put my hand through one of the holes in the basket. I quickly and quietly unlatched the basket, but there still was a chain.

“I need that key.” I whispered quietly to myself.

One of the guards had the key.  There was a very small branch, that I could barely grab, but finally after one last long reach, I grabbed it, and I used it to grab the keys off of the sleeping man who had them. My stick was just about to grab the keys, but then the man rolled over and the keys were now under him. I had to think fast!

I tried to make him roll over, but no budge. Then I saw a feather in my basket, not knowing what it was from, I picked it up and put it on the end of my stick with some twine, that I had in my pocket the day before. I hoped it would make him move and flip over, so he would no longer be on the key. After what seemed like hours of tickling him with a feather, he finally moved over just enough for me to get the key on the ground. I had to maneuver the stick, and a few moments later I had gotten the key. Now, I could  escape and then save everyone else. I got the chain off quickly, and when I opened the the basket door to get out, I noticed someone was awake!

I ran as fast I could, falling a couple of times, but I managed to get back on my feet. My heart was racing, hot blood pumping through my body, but finally, after ten minutes of constantly running, I was out of sight and I still had the keys.

I waited until  midnight to try and get my sister back.  I made my way back to the baskets,  but as I had got there, some of the watchers were still awake. How could this happen?  I waited until all of them were sleeping, but sure enough, there weren't. All of my luck was running out, and I had to think of a plan of how to save my sister and everyone else.

Suddenly I thought I could use sign language. The only reason I know sign language is because our dad had a hearing problem, and sometimes that's the only way we can communicate. I began signing and my sister caught on. I told her just what to do.

First she need to unlatch the basket and she used her hands to say, “I need the keys.” I walked as slowly and as quietly, as I could go, over to where she was. However, sometimes when I walked there were patches of dry old leaves, which crunched feet, making the watchers look around to see if someone was coming. I had to be extra careful.

I finally got to the basket and I put the key in the keyhole, and it clicked. My sister was free! All my sister wanted to do was get out of there, and I couldn't blame her, because that's all I wanted to do when I first got out. But we had to free everyone else who was in those baskets, and I had an idea.

Every night I would come back and get one person, I was going to have to do it for the next ten days. It might be a risky plan, but I needed to save them. It worked fine, for the first five night, but on the sixth night I went back but no one was in the baskets. I started to panic, because I had promised that I would get them all to safety. I started to walk around and heard some people talking, it was the watchers.

They last four people were tied up around a tree. They saw that I was there, luckily one of them knew some simple sign language. Therefore, I was able to talk to them. I found out that the Watchers had gone into the woods to search for the missing. I crept up and noticed that the rope holding them was a bit loose. It made it easy for two of them to move and wiggle to loosen the rope even more. One of the watchers was returning. Quickly we got everyone loose and ran toward the woods.

A few moments later the watcher came out of the woods, and everyone was gone. I knew they would be freaking out. Now, they didn't have anyone else there.

We ran back to where my sister and the others were hiding and we began our long journey out of the woods.  We finally found a paved road, but few cars were driving.  We kept walking until we found  a little shack on the side of the road where someone was actually living.

There was women inside and her name was Rose. Rose was able to tell us where we were and the funny thing is that we were only five minutes away from my house. This is so ironic, because my parents were at the restaurant right on this same paved road and I had been down it many times, but had never seen this shack.

Rose had a calendar on her wall it read, March 23, 2017...the day I hit my head. The clock on her wall read 5:48 P.M...the time I hit my head. Had time stopped...or was this just a dream?

I looked at Rose, and she smiled and said, “Strange things happen in the woods…” And I knew right then, this hadn’t been a dream.

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