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I was sitting at my house, when my son wanted me to tell him a story about my experiences in the war. I being by explaining how the war started. The start of the was very interesting. It Involved different countries and started on the 28th of  June, 1914. The cause of war was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his pregnant wife Sophie. This was very tragic. Then Austria declared war on Serbia and this is where it kind of started. Throughout my story, son,  I want to show you what the major plots were and what  happened and how it changed my life, as well as the lives of  many others.

For me and America it all started on April 2, 1917, when we declared war on Germany. The war would be very hard for me, as an  air fighter.  My friends were also air  pilots and were  very talented, but only some made it out alive like me. I want to tell you, son, about my journey of  winning the war as a pilot. I  had to risk a lot for your country, and I had to be ready at all costs. Flying my plane is one of the most exhilarating things, that I have ever felt. This war is when things started to get hectic for me as a fighter pilot, but I was ready and I was dedicated to my country.  This Is how  It all happened.

I first heard that the war was going on a couple of years, before America got in war. Many of our allies like, Britain, France, Russia, and  Italy were all ready in the war. It was bad. A lot of people died,  and it was a bad place to be.  The war went on for a few years and in that time a lot happened. The American joined and this is my point of view.

The plane I had was a very fast fighter plane. It was A Fokker D.VII. My fellow soldiers were in trenches and the war felt like it went on for ages. We were trapped soldiers.  In the trenches they moved like 6 inches In 6 months.  It was a dangerous field of terror.  The Germans had villages locked down and we could not fly, because they had marksmen on us and big guns. Therefore it was just suicide, if we went out there, so we waited and waited and waited, until the right moment.

Finally we got the alert. My captain told me to start an airstrike, so I gathered everyone up and we flew.  When we got to no man's land, I saw all the people that were starving and injured, but I knew what I had to do.  We gave the enemy all we had! Germany was not expecting that we had this kind of technology.  We flew laps four times, but at the last lap I saw a  mortar shooting at me.  Next thing I knew I was hit. I tried to put the plane down easy, but a piece of the plane got lodged up into my leg.

I woke up in the medical base. I could not feel my legs and that was because they had amputated it.  I had a fake leg. This would change my life. I looked to the left of me and the right and I was not the only one.  People next to me were missing legs and arms. When I asked for my friend, Joe they  said he never tired, but we lost him that day.

It was a tough battle, but at the end of the day, we won the war.  We beat the Germans but I think at the end of it all, everyone of us had lost someone that we cared for or someone that we were related to.  However, I reminded myself, we had won, and that is all I wanted.

When I went home, I wondered If I had died and we lost the war, what would it have been like?  Would we be free to do the things that we do now? Would our jobs be the same? Would our home be the same and would we live in a place called America?  These are the questions I asked myself.

Then, I thought what will I do now that the war is over? Will I go and  build new technology and help out our people or will I stay at home and help my family and  try to help others around me?

In the end,  I decided to go help build up our military, up just in case, we did have another war.  I know people think this was the war to end all wars and they call it the Great War. However, I am not so sure about that.

I went to my job the next day and some of our expert scientists had discovered a new deadly gas bomb.  It was called mustard gas. I saw this gas in action. It is deadly. It bubbles up under your  skin. What we were discovering was the change of the future. I worked  in the bomb section, and and I told myself I hope we never have to use these bombs.

But at the end of the day, we had won the war.  We overcame the Germans and my lesson, son,  in my adventure is that you never give up, for if we had given up, we would have never won the war and our  lives would have been so different. There after me and my family were happy ever after.      


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