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Ren swooned at the ruby saddle shoes her mother left for her at the foot of her bed, sealed in a crimson box. A note beside it reading,

“ Happy Birthday Ren! Sorry I couldn’t be home today- work. Though if you go to the shed, you'll find another present!” Question built up inside of her as she threw on her carolina blue skater dress and birthday saddle shoes. Ren rushed down the stairs and out of the door towards the shed in the back of the flower sprinkled pasture behind her family home. Her heart was now beating at 100 miles per hour. She opened the door to the shed, searching and searching for whatever her mother had left for her and- nothing. All of the excitement and wonder that had built up inside of the wilted just as fast as the young girl's

joy had flourished with the mention of some surprise in the unused rusty shed. Suddenly two pairs of arms wrapped around her. Ren gasped in surprise and turned around. Only to see her father who had been drafted two years ago. She tightly hugged him as she began to cry.


“Happy Birthday Ren!”

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