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“Hey, Mallory! Looking good. I love your holey, old rags-- I mean clothes! Come over here, I wanna talk!”


“What do you need Victoria?”


“I found some new-ish clothes for you since your family can’t afford them!”


“Is this a joke like always?”


“No seriously! I want to say sorry, for how mean I’ve been to you!”


“Ok, fine I’ll go with it I guess. Where are they?”


“In the lost and found!”

The entire table burst into laughter and Mallory ran off in tears, into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She started to talk to herself,


“I can't believe her! She’s so, so mean! I know my parents work for her, but that doesn't mean I do. I should stand up to her, but I can't then she’ll tell her parents and fire mine. I should just do what I always do, sit down, don't talk and especially not make eye contact.”


Mallory wiped the tears from her face, and went back to her lunch table, to only find that Victoria and other girls were still laughing.

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