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The Elmo Sweater


Julia always wanted an Elmo sweater, everywhere her and her family went she would always see the sweater. “Mommy look it’s Elmo. Can we get it?” said Julia. Julia’s mom replied “ Wait until your birthday it’s not that far away,” said Julia’s mom. Julia pouted and she and her family walked away. Julia was obsessed with Elmo. She would go home and all she would watch and talk about was Elmo. Elmo this Elmo that, everything Elmo. When Julia came home after school she went to go turn on the Tv to watch Elmo but, it was nowhere to be found.,she started to cry.

Her mom came in and asked what was wrong. “ Elmo isn’t here,” said Julia. Julia’s mom grabbed the remote and turned on Cinderella. “ Here watch this,” said Julia’s mom. Julia started to watch but, she didn’t like it so she continued to cry. Later, Julia’s mom came in bought Julia the sweater, she came home and gave it to her. Julia stopped crying and started to grin.


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