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“There’s a test tomorrow!,” I had said to myself. “I better study.” Well, that went great! Now I’m thinking that I’m an idiot. I wrote it down, I heard it from people, I had told myself to study over and over again. Right, because that’s not enough. I still forget to study, even worse, I don’t have an excuse. No, not an excuse for the teacher, an excuse for me. I’m the one who has to get better at remembering. Now is when my grades will sink, my whole life will sink, then I’ll never get into the college I want, then I will burn into ash! I turn to the teacher as he happily states to start the test. He keeps talking but I’m too worried about the test to listen to what he’s saying. Then he smiles as he hands me the test. I say a silent thank you and look down to the test on my desk. I scan it, well this shouldn’t be too bad. I finish the test, and when it’s handed back to me, I see a 68%.


He turns, “You were so close!”

“So close to a mediocre grade,” I think.

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