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The red marks and bumps all over my body give me itches and scratches I can go anywhere or do anything due to my “problem”. Oh. Sorry, let me introduce myself in Katie, Katie White. I’m 20 but I still live with my parents because I have an allergy, and not just your everyday allergy. Like peanut butter or ants. I’m allergic to cotton, if I even go near it I will break out in red spots and puff up A LOT. So I have to live with my parents until they can find some meds for this weird allergy. We have tried so many different things that might help like, like new clothing, and even washing powder. Nothing works! We've tried so hard to find some meds for me but we can't afford any of them.  So one-day mom and dad went out to our local pharmacy to get some cream for my bumps when they saw something. It was called cotton allergy be gone. It was on sale and so my parents got it. They brought it home and I could actually live a little. I was finally alright with myself. I could finally live.

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