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I sat there on the floor not moving at all. I just let my body fall asleep even though I knew I was


in danger. Then from the corner of my eye I saw fire growing towards me. I picked myself up and


walked towards the exit of my house. My weary burned feet used all of the strength that it had left


and just enough to throw myself out of my house.


  Large red trucks and people wearing red suits surrounded my house. And that's the moment I


started to realize what was going on. The firefighters came to rescue me and put me on a


emergency chair. They started to shoot water at my house and stopped the fire. The next thing I


remembered was me sitting in a hospital bed with my family members. They told me what


happened and then I remembered again. I was making pasta and I left to go to the bathroom and


when I came back everything was on fire. The fire quickly spread and out of fear I passed out.


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