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I walk down the empty street with my shiny ring in hand, I look down at it and smile, knowing I would get my mother back soon. A man runs by and pushes it out of my hand. It was a dark night, my heart was beating so fast I felt almost as I thought it would escape my chest. It was my only hope to see my mother again, the only way I would be safe. It fell into a small hole which I could only slightly go into. Once I finally got through and fell down. The fall wasn’t too bad but my hips told me differently. I saw the little thing and grabbed it, the ring was safe. I said the words and my mother appeared in the dark corner of this cage of black and death. I hugged her for so long until I realized, we were lost. My heart was racing but my mother was calm. She grabbed my hand and released the lonely souls from the stone. We watched them float away and went home.

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