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Daniela is an enormous dog-lover. All she could think about was dogs. Daniela was just shopping for dog picture frames for her beloved five dogs at home in a nice area in Queens, when she saw this poor, stray dog out on the streets, being abused by an old man, she could not help but run towards the danger. She ran up to the man and slapped his face.

“Hey! Cut it out!” she said, “What do you think you're doing? You have no right to abu-” The old man pushed out of the way, onto the street, a car passing by nearly ran over her. Still in pain, she ran back and pushed him to his knees. She quickly called the police to turn him in for animal abuse. The police arrived, and told Daniela,

“Young ma’am, thank you for calling us, this man was most wanted for animal abuse. You are free to keep this dog. Bye, now.”

In pure joy, she named the dog Franki, and now Daniela lives happily with her six dogs.

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