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My Craziest, Hardest,  Most Exciting, Mission as a Spy


My eyes were fluttering and I couldn’t see straight.  This was really bad.  I had only a few minutes to figure out how to get out of this fix.

I should probably start from the beginning.  My name is Julie Smith.  I am 17 years old but I am part of a spy group called--oh, wait I can’t say it, sorry, then I would get kicked out.  You are probably wondering how I got into this mess.  I was on a super duper top secret mission trying to figure out when a big group of baddies was going to have their next meeting (the one that was talking about world domination).  Getting there was not problem, but actually listening in was way tougher than we had anticipated.  My partner, Jay, said to me, “What do we do Julie?”  First I told him not to say my real name so loud, then I told him that we “We’ll be fine because we’ve gotten out of way tougher scrapes before.”  He said that he didn’t remember them.  I told him “That’s okay, we just have to believe” because I was kidding about that whole thing and I really didn’t want him to panic.

I really didn’t know what to do.  This was my hardest case yet.  Too bad I didn’t know that it was only going to get worse.  Much worse.  I thought about it for a minute and then I turned to Jay and asked if he had happened to bring his robot kit.  He said something like, “Never leave home without it!”  Except I could see the anxiety on his face.  Then I told him to make a miniscule robot that looked like a ant.  He got right to work.  A few minutes later it was finished.  I have to say it looked really good.  I then programmed it to listen in on the conversation going on inside.  There was only one thing that I had forgot to disable: the tracking device.  I realized that one waaay  too late.  After we sent it inside the room, we pulled out out earpieces and listened.  Since I have waaay  neater handwriting than Jay, I wrote down everything down as fast as I possibly could that we heard in the meeting.  Also, if you wanted to know Jay’s handwriting looks like this: Jay Green.  I don’t know about you, but I can barely read that.  Mine is way more legible--even he agrees on that fact with me.

We had gotten a lot of useful information from the meeting.  The next meeting was going to be on--oh, wait can’t say that either, sorry.  Jay told me that we should really leave soon because we had the information that we came for and some other information that helped a bunch.  I said okay, but I really wanted to stay and go above and beyond and get even more information.  I love doing way more than the mission calls for.  Finally, after another half-hour, I gave into Jay’s pleas to leave.  He called the ant bot back.  We had to sneak back through all of the security. I can tell you all of that but it would take about three pages, so I won’t tell you.  Even if I did they would probably  just change it after they found out so it wouldn’t be much help to you anyway.  Once we got outside I realized that I didn’t turn off the tracker on the ant bot and since it had entered the room it left behind a electrical current that I knew the villains would pick up (one of them has a built in electrical chip so it was impossible for them not to).  

I told Jay that we had to turn back and he said, “We’re halfway there, I’m not turning back,” or something like that.  Then I told him something like, “Fine, I’ll go back alone, but you have to give me the ant bot.”  After I told him that, he said something like why and I told him about the tracking signal fiasco.  He then told me, “No way are you going alone!”  so I told him, “Then you’re coming with, right?” and he said, “Let me think.”  I told him that there was no time and counted 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, because we didn’t have a lot of time and he told me that he would come.  I silently thought, “Yes!”, not because I was afraid (even though I was a little bit) but because I didn’t want him to get hurt in case the villains had already started tracking us.

Jay asked me what we would do if we got caught.  I told him not to worry about that because we wouldn’t get caught.  Silently I was hoping, #1 , please don’t let him give up on this, and #2, please don’t let us get caught.  We walked in.  Suddenly the security didn’t seem quite as easy as it was before.  Jay was almost yelling at me when he asked something like, “Julie, what’s going on? Did they add extra stuff?”   I should really  teach him not to say my real name so loud.  I was definitely ready to do this.  I told him that he needed to put the ant bot in the men’s room.  He told me that he was waaay  too scared to do that.  I told him that there were only three female villains, so more people would get confused when they realized it was only a decoy, but he still refused.  I knew we didn’t have much time, so I grabbed it, ran to the doorway and chucked it in, only hoping that there was no one in there.

I ran back to Jay, shock still in fear and anxiety, grabbed his arm and told him to hurry up and come on so that we could get out.  Soon after was one of those times when I wished that I had a faster partner and that I had participated in the sprinting unit at school.  Do you want to know why?  I’ll tell you.  We got caught!  I was mortified and angry.  This was the first time that I had ever gotten caught!  So now we’ve finally gotten back to where the beginning started.  As you know, my eyes were fluttering and I couldn’t see straight.  This was really bad.  I had only a few minutes to figure out how to get out of this fix.  You are probably wondering if I did.  I’ll tell you.  Thanks to some fast thinking on my part and some fast robot building on Jay’s part (we turned off the tracking signal), we created a decoy and ran out as fast as we could.  Once we got back to our secret headquarters, we told everyone the whole story and Jay and I got promoted.  Yes!!!!  This is how my story ends.


For now.

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