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“Ms. Gail was eyeing Mr. Pinn in the cafeteria again. They should just make it official by now.” Gossip about the two teachers spreads through the class.
“Hey, Gaby. You’re spacing out again.” My best friend Kat looks at me.
I breathe out a sigh. “Yeah I’m fine. Don’t worry.”
“Your parents are coming back from their second honeymoon tomorrow, right? You have one more day of freedom.” The bell sounds and class begins. Halfway through the lesson, there’s a knock on the door. Our teacher opens it to two police officers and speaks with them.
“Ooooh. Looks like someone’s in trouble.” Neal says, unable to keep his snide remark in.
The class is filled with whispers as the female officer comes through the doorway, “Which of you is Miss Gaby Cox?” Seeing me raise my hand she says, “We need to speak with you outside. It’s about your parents.”
Heart racing, I follow the officer through the door and into the hall.
The policeman speaks first, “Your parents were coming home early but the train they were on derailed. By the time the emergency team got there… Well… I’m sorry Miss Gaby. Neither of your parents made it.”

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