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While packing my bags at the end of a week in the wilderness with my Boy Scout troop, I discover a toffee brown rat between a pair of mud-stained jeans and some really smelly socks. Horrified at how the rat will soon chew off my face bit by bit but also too curious to understand my inevitable fate, my eyes steal another glance at that creature. The rat is really like a mouse, however, with a torso way out of proportion with its -one, two, three, four- four heads. My breaths shrink shorter and shorter as I finally know the full magnitude of that grotesque monster before me-an obese mutant mouse with FOUR heads! As my eyes visually trace the heads one by one, another head appears. Then another. And another…”Ohhh, this is a mama mouse giving birth! Look at those cute baby mice! Look at them! Look at them!” I coo. I even wonder, how was I ever afraid of these adorable babies?

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