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I lay silently weeping at what brought me down low enough that its hard. I'm told by many that I have a firebird of a heart. It's magical and glowing. It's both blessing and a bringer of doom. Bringer of doom to my smile, in which I wear it letting no one down. I'm a Firebird I'll say, but aren't we all. We all hold a knife behind our smiles temptingly, making them nothing but an attempt at the drops of change we each bare, as nights pass with nothing to hold them back. Our brains grasp the importance of smiles. We urge in burning pain to make it truly count.


Smiles won’t count without a frown. Good won’t be necessary without bad which makes it worth it to exist. Why can’t we just live in peace of mind? Why can’t I make one move without fearing over people’s words? Why, I ask with no answer, no sign, no hand  to hold onto and tell me:

“It’s going to be ok…”

Those two words could relieve the pain, I have been holding back for too long, in which is soothing with my fake smile.

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