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Joel had had it with the owner tonight. The entrance to the market place was nearly deserted and the heavy baskets of unknown goodies that Joel was wobbling about with as he tried to catch up to the sire’s fast pace had finally collapsed; he had no way of telling whether he was on top of them or they, him.

He bent over in submission to his own body, trying to acknowledge and ignore the insults spewing out of the moustache-clad mouth of master and attempted to heave as silently as he could. After all, the mildest of sounds would set master’s cruel mind off on a spree of additional punishments

As master advanced towards him once more, preparing to jab Joel with his stick, he clambered into a barely upright position. His attempt at ignoring the sharp protests of his thin, weak legs and underfed yet overworked body shattered in shambles. With a resounding neigh of derision at himself, he fell back on all fours. His eyes were open just long enough to see a teenager posing for a selfie- a half-dead white camel was still a rare species. “I wonder why”, was his last thought.

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