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She was leaving. She had had enough.As she sat in the boat at the docks, all she could do was think. Think about how much this man meant to her but still fate wouldn't let them be. Her eyes were glassy with tears but it was hidden by her sunglasses. She couldn't afford anyone seeing her cry. She had always been the proud one. The Diva. The big girl. As the only daughter of the biggest business man in the city she could have anything she wanted. All she needed to do was tell Dear Old Daddy. She was a grown woman but still Daddy's little princess. He was willing to give her everything. He could give her everything. That is, everything but him. Marcel. And she couldn't stand the fact that a mere man who, compared to her, practically had nothing had brought her to tears. She had to leave in order to save herself the heartache. She decided to go in one of her father's speedboats. She was going to one of the islands not far from the city but she told her father she was just going there on a vacation. She knew it wasn't a great getaway but at least she wouldn't get to see him everyday anymore. The mere sight of that perfect yet rebellious man always seemed to hurt her and she needed to run away. If she wasn't who she was, she would have argued on who had more pride. But she was Aurora. The woman who would rather run away in style than admit her fears. She sat next to the sailor; an umbrella in one hand and a bag in the other. The perfect picture of sophistication. She didn't pack much because she already had clothes in her father's beach house on the island she was headed. The bag was just an extra in case of emergency. "We're ready to go ma'am." The sailor informed her and she nodded and gave a small smile in acknowledgement. She had a soft spot in her heart for this old man that had served her father for as long as she could remember so she couldn't help but smile at him when she heard his voice. He started the engine and the speedboat roared into life. They began to move on the water while she just stared ahead into the deep blue vast body. Something about the sea calmed her. Maybe it was the smell of the salt water or the fish or maybe even the breeze that blew her golden brown~almost blonde~hair around her face making her look even more breathtaking than she already was. It was all just so soothing to her. After a while, they arrived at the island but Aurora was still lost in the waters. "Ma'am, we're here." The sailor said, interrupting her thoughts in the process. "Oh really? That ride was shorter than I remember. Anyways, thank you Mr. Diego." She smiled at him again. She stood up and tried pulling her bag along. The bag was heavier than she remembered. Maybe she had packed more than she needed afterall. She kept pulling it along as she walked. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't the kind that had wheels. She didn't take that kind because she felt she wouldn't need it so now she had to lift. She kept struggling with the bag until she was off the boat and on the shores of the island. Coincidentally, Mr. Diego looked up and saw her struggling with the bag. "You seem to be having some trouble. Do I get someone to help you with that bag miss?" Mr. Diego asked. "Just one bag Mr. Diego. I think I can handle it." She said as she looked bag and flashed him the third smile that day but this time it was brighter and showed her pearly whites. She found her way to the front of the gates of her father's beach house and immediately the gates swung open. The security cameras had shown her to the security officers who had been anticipating her arrival. She walked in through the gates, bag in hand and was greeted by and the security officers and other servants who offered to carry her bag for her but she declined. For a reason unknown to her she felt she had something to prove to everyone; that she could do things on her own just like she planned on moving on from Marcel. She found her way up the stairs and headed straight for her room. It was the last one down the hall which she had claimed because of the view from the verandah. She dropped her bag on the bed and slipped her feet out of her shoes. She walked straight to the balcony. She loved the view of the sea from there. She loved the wind in her hair. It was part of the reasons she ran here. She believed that was the place she'd find the peace she craved. Standing there, looking over the horizon, she started to unbutton her shirt at the top to free herself. This was when she felt two manly hands envelope hers. The hands continued to unbutton her shirt all the way down. She tried turning to face this man but he stopped her by slipping his hands around her waist and nuzzling his face in her neck. She wanted to protest but something inside her prevented her. Being there, in his hands; it felt so right to her. The wind blew her golden brown hair around his face and he breathed against her neck which sent shivers down her spine. Instantly she knew who it was. Only one man could awaken every nerve in her this way. "Marcel." She gasped breathlessly as he began trailing kisses down her neck. "Ho-o-ow are you here? What are you doing here? How did you know I came here?" She stammered as she rambled all her questions out at once. "Oh Aurora. Lets just say your father thought you needed some company on this vacation so he sent someone he could trust to look after you and I intend to do just as he asked." He slowly explained pausing in between words to place feather-light kisses on the side of her face. She groaned; mostly from wanting him so much but also out of frustration about her father's decision but she couldn't exactly blame him. She hadn't told him she only wanted the vacation in order to escape one man and now that same man was the one he sent to take care of her. She was turning to goo in his hands but she still had a little bit of her senses. "What about Lilah? What we're doing is wrong." She whispered as she tried to wriggle out of his grasp. Instead he turned her to face him. "I told Lilah I was leaving to be with the woman I love. It stunned her but we both figured it out a long time ago that we weren't meant to be. I don't love her, Aurora. I love you. Even though I've always tried to deny it, you're the one I live for. When I heard you were leaving I knew it had to be because of me. I know I've hurt you a lot and I'm sorry; which is why I came here. To show you how much I love you and want to be with you." He paused and they stared each other in the eyes. Aurora opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by Marcel. "I want you Aurora. It's always been you. I live to see you smile. It's the most beautiful thing and I was so scared that I would never see that smile again so I had to do something. That's why I'm here and I promise neither of us will be leaving the other ever again." A teardrop found it's way down her cheek and he hastily wiped it off with his thumb. He then dived in for a kiss and for the first time in her life she felt true passion explode in her with just a single kiss. She kissed him back with everything in her as he swooped his hand under her legs and lifted her. He carried her into the room where he placed her on the bed. He pulled her shirt off her and she helped ubutton his and they spent that night letting go of all the emotions they had both kept in all along.

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