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It was insidious. Evil beyond words, and corrupting in ways unimaginable. Yet there it was, and the heart of a democracy, important in everyday life.

The Speaker to the People was not an evil man, nor was he one to stand by and let something he felt wrong take place. Or so he was when the old Ruler left, and and the new Ruler took the mantel.

The Speaker had not liked the new Ruler’s platform, with its archaic ideas so set in stone that not a hundred years could wear them away, and its vulgar language that invited tumalt. The Speaker had even hoped that the People wouldn’t chose such a man to become the new Ruler, but they did. Alas! they did.

That was a year ago. Was it really only a year? the Speaker thought, but yes, only a year since the People chose the new Ruler. A year of political warfare and smear tactics. A year where the casualty was information itself. A year since the Speaker had been forthright in his opinion, though now he was silent and compliant.

That was the only way to hold onto it, this evil thing worth dying for.

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