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Today my family is going to the Eiffel Tower and again my brother is crying.At 10:00 PM the tower is bright at night it's the 4th Of July so it is beautiful fireworks. And that's when I become in love with slime.Mia is my cousin she's coming from Michigan and she's so rude.Were going to Cafe Macaron to drink coffee and eat yummy macaroons. Mia hates my brother and hit him with a baseball bat she hates France and everything about this family.Today she was making a mess in my bedroom!I hate Mia's family they make so much drama.Her dad smokes and always makes a little fire on the grass.I can’t  wait until there gone.Today Mia was eating all of the Macaroons. Mia's mom was throwing plastic plates every where  to find Mia cause she can fit in the cabinets.Mia left early yeah.

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