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It was Saturday night and my parents had a dinner to go to. Earlier that day they said,

“We’ll be home by 8:00, don’t let strangers in, and don’t answer the phone. We love you.” It was my first time home alone and I was a little anxious. 9:05. I waited in silence , staring at the clock. .

A noise made my head turn to the other end of the room. Ring ring ring, the phone screamed, startling me. Ignoring my parents directions, I answered it.

“Hello?” I mumbled,

A man's deep voice uttered words which entered my left ear and never exited the right. When I heard what he said, I wish I had just listened to my parents. When I heard what he said, I realized I’d never get to listen to my parents ever again.

Those were the words that killed me.

The next couple minutes were the longest I've ever experienced, and for some reason my cheeks were dry. I stumbled and fell to my knees. I heard myself whisper, “I love you too, Mom and Dad.”  With that my eyes closed and I never saw the world the same again.

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