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I am in an office. All around me are men, women, and children. The situation is tense. I could try and talk to them I suppose, may be misunderstood. It's very hard to make yourself understood when you're surrounded by monkeys. Well perhaps not monkeys but if not monkeys certainly robots or mummies or something. Certainly not human. Can they respond? Yes, most certainly. They can act upon and respond to any stimuli formulaically, much like a venus fly trap or something. You speak to them. Hello you say. Hello they respond mild mannered. Did they hear me? Can they hear me? Is there anything to speak of within those certainly metallic craniums? I've decided that there really is no way of getting around it. I am the only one who exists on this planet. I alone am tasked with attempting to live a human life and those around me are all puppets. I swear it's a practical joke and some day they're all going to admit to their playful jest and all will be fine. I wait, it hasn't happened yet.  

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