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         The trend for this year was to go to parties with loud, ear-busting music from eight p.m. to three a.m. Many people would get dizzy and faint because of the blasting music. But if anyone left the party, they were made fun of. If anyone decided to skip the whole situation overall, it wasn't any better for them.

         After listening to a few of my friends tell me that I should go to the party, I gave in. I prepared myself mentally by thinking over and over again that I would be able to endure the pain for 7 hours. But fate had other plans for me tonight. At the party, I ignored the drumming in my head and kept on talking and dancing with my friends until it had increased and the pain was unbearable. The next thing I know, blackness engulfed me.

         I opened my eyes and jolted forward to see bright hospital lights blinding me and bringing the same pain of the night of the party. I felt my heartbeat getting slower and slower. I fell back onto the bed and my eyes closed. Lastly, my heartbeat came to a complete stop.

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