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I awoke to the loud beeping of the alarm system. I waited for someone to turn it off but no one did. I figured Mom went to take Adam to school and the alarm went off by itself, so I got up from bed to turn it off. I punched the code in and looked around just in case someone was there. After a quick search, I went back upstairs. That's when I heard strange creaking noises from my room. Or was it just my imagination? I quickly locked the door. I then heard in a husky voice,
“Let's check upstairs first”
My heart started pounding uncontrollably. As I laid in bed I thought about all the stuff I hadn’t done yet. If this was going to be my last day I wasn’t satisfied with my life at all. Maybe it was karma. A rush of regret filled me. There were so many things I could have done better. Maybe if I’d just been a little kinder.
I heard footsteps headed towards my room and then someone broke open the door. Hiding under the covers, I closed my eyes, wondering if this was going to be my last breath.

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