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Ahh, dirt. Everyone avoids it because it’s not “sanitary.” What do they even mean by that? “Take a shower,” they say. People these days are so wimpy. They don’t want a dirt stain on their “designer jeans” or “expensive shoes.” They avoid it at all costs. Do they even remember the first time they went outside and put dirt into their mouth, not knowing what is was? Do they not remember the astringent taste that it put into their mouth? I sure do. One of my best childhood memories, I may add. Apparently, no one cared if you did it back then. Instead, it was funny. How about now? People will actually barf. Did they forgot about digging up earthworms in the wet dirt, and the refreshing touch of doing it, too? I’m sure they did. Dirt was part of my, and a lot of others’ childhood memories. But it’s also part of our future. You’re going to be 6 feet under one day. Where? In the dirt. Show it some respect. In conclusion, people should learn to respect dirt because of the part that it played in our past and will play in our future.


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