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My eyes fluttered open. Everything was a light blur. I let out a small yawn. When I realized that all I could do was feed and squirm I decided to sleep a little more. When I woke I could see my mother dog’s face. She was an elegant white dog with soft and delicate blue eyes. My siblings all had dark grey coats and green eyes. We all looked at our mother dog waiting for her to give us our meal. We pushed and shoved to get to her. Once we had our meal we all became slightly drowsy. As my siblings began to curl up to one-another my mother stepped over the pile of pups and trotted to the other side of the pen. Where is she going? Out of pure instinct I tried to follow her but I could not find the strength to stand. I watched as she left us lying there. Is she coming back? Thoughts whirred in my head until my eyelids shut and I drifted off to sleep.


When I awoke my mother was back. I could hear talking and laughing from the other side of my pen. My siblings ignored it and went to my mother for another meal. She glanced over at me, but then turned back to the rest of the pups. I attempted to stand but fell onto the cold floor. The second time went the same, but I kept trying week after week. It took quite a while until I got close. Then as I was practicing I stood. I did it! I was still a little unstable but it didn’t matter. I stumbled over to the other side of the pen. No one was there yet, but I had a feeling someone would be here soon. Eventually There was a man and a little girl standing there. The little girl reached her hand into the pen. I sniffed her soft little palm. She pulled it back and let out a little scream. I could feel the joy pouring off of her. She looked at the man and pointed her chubby little finger at me. “Are you sure?” the man had a booming voice. The little girl quickly nodded her head and grinned. The man then slid his hands under my armpits. He gently lifted me out of the pen. My mother looked over in my direction. It seemed like she was happy. The man wrapped me up in a blanket and held me in his arms. He brought me out to a large machine and he set me down in a seat that sat in-front of other seats. He picked up the little girl and set her in a little pink seat. He then picked me up and set me in her lap. Then  the door in-front of ours closed. The machine began to rumble. I could tell that the little girl was growing tired as she swayed back and forth in her seat. I rested my small snout on her lap as i felt her drifting off.


The car rumbled to a stop. The man opened his door and closed it. He unbuckled the little girl and helped her out of the car. “Go in the house” the man smiled at her as she walked up some stairs to a door. She then stepped inside. The man then picked me up and brought me inside with the girl. When he set me down I tried to chase my girl but my paws would just skid across the floor. The man laughed and the girl giggled at me. My girl dropped on her knees to touch my head. I snuggled in her hand and barked with affection. Most of the time she would sit on the floor and play with little toys, but when I played with them she would cry and the man would say “Bad Wiggle!”.


Whenever I would squat the man would yell “Wiggle outside!” his voice was always urgent so I just went with it. He would lead me outside and I would stay there for about 5 minutes. One day, as I was waking up from my nap, I heard my girl dancing and laughing and giggling. What is she doing?  She was carrying a small bag on her back. “Em, are you ready?” the man had a smile on his face as he said this. My girl came running down the staircase with a little stuffed bunny in her hand. Whenever she would leave the house she carried that stupid bunny in her arms. Why doesn’t she carry me like that? Whenever I picked it up she would point a finger at me and cry, and then the man would come in the room and pull it out of my mouth. Her grin was full of little gaps. She raced to the door, but before she went outside she ran back and gave me a big kiss on the head. Where are we going now? She waved goodbye and went on her way. I could hear the doors slam and the machine go down the street. What am I supposed to do all day?


I began by ripping up some of her toys with stuffing inside them. They had beady eyes which took a bit longer than I expected to tear off. Then I noticed something sitting on the counter. I jumped up as my paw hit it. The bowl came crashing to the floor with a loud thud and liquid spilled all over the floor. I lapped it up when I noticed something. What is that? Out of the corner of my eye I could see something moving. I barked and barked and barked. I don’t know how long I went on doing this but it felt like a long time. Once I was sure it was gone I decided to sleep. When I woke up I heard the door opening. She’s home! I barked loudly to show how happy I was that she was home. The man pushed me aside while the girl grabbed me in her arms and kissed me and hugged me.


Almost everyday she would go off with the man and they would not return until later in the day. I started to get used to this schedule and how this worked. One day, instead of getting ready, she slunk down to the floor and played with her dolls.  What is she doing? She started staying home almost everyday and I loved her company. Sometimes she would leave, but she always came back quite early and I loved it.


I woke with a start. My legs hurt a little. I was growing up, and so was my girl. I had gotten much older and she got much bigger. Now I was fairly sized and my girl towered over me. She no longer played with her silly toys but instead she would pull out a tiny box and press her fingers to it. Whenever she did this she seemed so happy. Sometimes she would put it to her head and talk right into it, and sometimes if I listened close enough I could hear something talking right back.

People came over all the time to either pet me or to talk with her. It was amusing when they talked to me with high pitched voices. Now I would go on car rides more often than I used to.

Sometimes I would hear the word “ Cancer” but I had no idea what it was. My girl would cry often and hug me when she heard this. What’s wrong? Whatever was making my girl sad was not welcome, and the day I saw it I would destroy it.  I remember waking up one morning and feeling violently ill. I tried to hold back my whines but it was too much. She set me in the machine that moves and started to ride it. I felt so sick. We got  to the place she always took me to. She set me on a cold table. She had tears flowing down her face. I wanted to lick her and comfort her but I was to weak to even wag. I met her eyes. She wiped her tears and kissed my head. “ I’ll miss you Wiggle” She looked right at as she said this. I  felt like I was slowly falling asleep. My eyes were shutting and I shot my girl one last glance. She smiled while tears rolled down her soft red cheeks.


I remembered being a puppy. How I would always snuggle up to my mother. I remembered my girl, and the man, and her friends. I had a feeling I would see them one day but for now, I will wait.

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