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Sometimes something is important, and you hate it with every fiber of your being, until it is gone. You wish you had cherished it the way others did or wish it came back. But it doesn't, and you learn to live without it but the hate is still there in the back of your head. Thriving, living, surviving and waiting till you turn to something and say something like: ”Huh that thing... I don't like it.” and the cycle returns.

Scarlett hated her desk job, until she lost it. She worked at Jane l. Truth, a real estate company. She used to be a secretary there and it was the most boring job of all time.

-“I’m sorry Scarlett you just aren’t energetic enough. We are going to have to let you go.”

Those were the exact words of my superior. But to be honest he was probably only firing my because of that new guy that came and said he would “He would do MY job so much better”  I walked outside and dumped my stuff into my car and sat down in the driver's seat.

-“Well I’m not putting getting a job off.”

I pulled out my laptop and typed in the search bar nearby hiring a few things showed up: Toys R us, no. Dairy Queen, no. Trash collector, hell no. Starbucks barista? That sounded like it could work… I turned the key in the engine came to life. I followed the map on my phone to a starbucks that was actually my go to. I parked my car and walked inside.

-“Hey Scarlett! Will it be the usual?”

That was Percy, he was a barista we always struck up some conversation when he made my coffee.

-“No, actually I’m here for the job opening”

-“Really?! Alright I’ll go get the boss. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE COVER THE REGISTER!?!”

He started walking to the back, behind the counter. He turned “are you coming?”

I blushed and followed him.

I followed him into a nicely lit office with some daffodils by the window. The smell of the flowers was overpowering I resisted the urge to cover my nose. There was also a small replica of the twin towers. Personally I thought those towers were the ugliest thing to grace the earth, pretty from afar but up close ugly up close. I had silently hated them since they were built.   

-“Hello! My name is Luna I’m the boss are you here about the job opening?”

Luna looked like a very nice and cheery woman.

-“Aaaa…. Yeah I was...

I realized what a mistake I just made. I just walked in! I had no plan, no resume, and no way to convince these people that I needed this job more than anyone else.  Luna seemed to understand what was happening and tried to start me up.

-“So.. do you like coffee? Do you have experience making it?”

Finally something I knew about.

-“Oh yeah I actually have a machine at home that I bought from here.”

-“Good! Though I think we will need a resume from you. But for now if you want to try making coffee with Percy at the front, I could give you a shot.”

-Oh yes, thank you!

-Wait I’m not promising you the job you still need to prove you can handle the pressure.”


I felt so ready I had my hair in a messy bun, I had the signature apron and I was ready to make some lattes. Percy was at the register and Luna was holding a clipboard and a pen. She was watching me like a hawk, but like a really nice one. The day began.

Percy handed me an order: iced coffee. Simple enough, I fixed up the coffee and went to the stand and yelled “iced coffee for Sasha!” A girl with curly hair the color of caramel came up and took the coffee out of my hand. She smiled warmly and thanked me.

This was going to be easy.

I went home that day happy and tired. I sat down on my couch and turned on the TV Time to watch the fifth season of Doctor Who. I was dying to see what happened…


-“So do you have your resume?“

Luna was asking me if I brought my resume to her. I did not.

-“I’m sorry… I got distracted..”

-“ Really? With what?

She looked at me. I felt like I was being x-rayed

-“I was … watching Doctor Who

-“What?! I love that show what part are you at?

I could not believe I was talking with her about a TV show. Yet we were and we were bonding.

-“You know what? Screw the rules you have the job!”

I went home that day feeling like this was nothing but a huge fairy tale or dream. Everything was going too well. I got a job with no struggles and my new boss was a total sweetheart. I have kept my job for about three months. Everything was going too well. It was too good to be true. Unfortunately I was completely right.

I woke up that morning, it was quiet and the only sound I could hear was quiet rain and it sounded like there were a few ambulances going by hitting the window I got up and made my breakfast; eggs and toast. I sat down and turned on the TV, immediately some movie popped up on the screen. Pictures of fire, crumbled buildings, and helicopters battling the flames. Wow this movie is so realistic, Luna and Percy would love it. I reached for the remote to see the name when suddenly the scene changed.

A news reporter, a young girl stood by the fire attempting to speak over the sounds of chaos. My head spun, the headline on the screen was screaming at my face. “Plane Crashes Into The Twin Towers” I jump up spilling coffee on my table and run to the window. There is smoke everywhere and ash flying by. I run back to the TV and stare at the screen. The screen was flashing colors and the poor girl was yelling ”It’s 9:00 a.m. here in New York and the World Trade Center was just crashed into by a hijacked plane.”

I turned the TV off and sat in shock. Those towers were considered indestructible. But they said that about the Titanic.

I ran to the door pulled my sneakers on and ran outside. I was not the only one. Hundreds and maybe a thousand people where running, crying, and staring in shock. I stared thru the rooftops to see the burning towers. I could not take it, I felt like I was going to be sick. I walked back up the stairs of my apartment building. I turn the TV back on and the light from the screen illuminated the whole room. Something was being said but I didn't hear a thing. I gazed at my half eaten breakfast and not touched coffee. I take the broken toast into my hands and hold it up to my mouth and… Buzz Buzz I stopped and looked around. Buzz. Buzz. Where was that noise coming from? Buzz Buzz.

My eyes shot open and I sat up in bed. I was drenched in sweat and was breathing deeply. I looked over at the clock.  It read September 10th, 2001. Good I thought to myself. I knew it had to be a dream. Something like that would never happen.               


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