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“Ugh” - I spit out the salt water, and quickly realized my mistake, not wiping my eyes before coming up. I felt the sting of salt water in both my eyes and throat, and felt the wrath of coughing and my eyes tearing up at the same time. It felt like fire. I quickly ran to my bag and towel and wiped my eyes before guzzling down the cool water. Satisfied, I put it back in my backpack and ran over to my board again. I looked at the sky and just for a quick second closed my eyes and breathed in the salty air and just focused on listening to the sound of the waves,pure bliss. I opened my eyes again and grinned while I ran into the water holding my breath before plunging in. I had learned to surf the minute I learned how to swim. I felt as if  I was born to be in the water the first time I plunged into the chlorine filled warm pool in my school.


Now here I am blessed to be in Costa Rica, swimming in the best waters anyone could find. It was completely different from the waters in Australia. Here, the water felt softer somehow, more pure, it was a 1000 times clearer and I’ve seen a million beautiful fish.I felt the water puff out of my wet suit as I climbed onto my freshly waxed 7 foot sanded baby. I paddled searching for a good wave. After about five minutes of just riding over the waves and looking at the fish, I felt a good one coming up. I was right I looked back to see a monster wave roaring with height and the beautiful sound of a soon to be crashing wave, something that could be compared as a wolf taking a breath before howling.


I paddled and paddled and paddled. I felt the wave behind my board and I jumped up with 2 feet with reflex and smoothness.  I grinned as I felt the wave pushing my board -it was a good one and it was pretty high. I turned and felt the sea roaring as I turned my board to do some turns. I felt free but I felt something, and them boom out of nowhere my board and I flew. I flew across the sea and felt my board push me as I felt my ankle being scratched.


I plunged into the water and I felt something sharp. My ears ringing and my head feeling cloudy in pain I thought, maybe it's coral?  Then the worst pain a surfer can experience .I felt my head bang against something sharp. I could feel my blood thickly oozing through the water. I could barely move as the red stained water surrounded me. Everything felt extremely tight and constricted and I could feel my body tightening in contractions in my wetsuit.


I barely surfaced coughing, crying, and yelling in grief at the same time. I felt my board tugging at me and I scrambled to it. Feeling safe being on it,  I paddled with the small amount of strength left  in my red inflamed arms.  I reached the surface in a hurry and clutched the sand and gathered my board. I cried once more . My best friend, the sea had betrayed me.


I crawled to my towel feeling sore and cut up. I sat down and grabbed my water bottle, almost breaking of the cap. I guzzled it down, feeling the fire in my throat quiet down. I belched shortly and when I did, I screamed. Just the force on my ribs caused a fire in my stomach.“Maybe something's broken?” I looked at my phone. It displayed 12:07 pm.


I then looked at my wallpaper of me and my father. I typed in my password with wet fingers not caring the damage it would do. “Elly you're in Costa Rica remember?” my mind reminded me. I set my phone down in defeat knowing I couldn't call internationally.I forgot to buy a sim card yesterday,damn.


I feel so tired and cold, I layed down on my back groaning. “What could have caused me to flip out? It felt like something strong pushed my board out of the way” I sat back up in a rush connecting my thoughts trying to push the pain away. I remember feeling my foot on something, it felt slimy and cold. My eyes widened it could not be a fish you’re insane no fish has a strong enough tail to make your board flip over right? I felt a tightness in my throat, I mean there is one thing.


But there's none of that on this beach. I threw my arms up even my reflexes knew I was right. No one would be surfing with a beach full of sharks. I looked around. There was 1  person on the beach. They were concerned looking at all my cuts and they seemed to be focused on only me, not paying any attention to the water. There were 3 men were surfing as well.  My mind wandered to what I could do, I mean it couldn't be a shark right? I mean it could be possible there was no sign at the front of the beach and I mean it's Costa Rica,all the tropical places have sharks.


I felt extremely cold in the 80 degrees weather and my cuts stung from the salt water. I grabbed my bottle again when I looked over to see the surfers except there was 2 now? Where did that guy go? Maybe they went to go get help or call a lifeguard in this deserted beach once they saw my cut?  I bargained internally and looked at my phone again. It displayed 12:10 pm


I looked up again when I heard a small scream, my eyes widened. There was only 1 now, this was starting to make me nervous. I felt the goosebumps already on my arm becoming more and more and more intense  I stared at the blond hairs with salt on my tan arm, the bumps felt like a rocky mountain anyone would be afraid to climb. The fear in my gut was hurting my ribs even more. I felt extreme anxiety just looking up.

After one more minute of procrastinating, I looked up and then I saw it, I saw the last remaining surfer scream and then saw the fish I had been fearing.I  saw both his board and the surfer break in half. I was stunned. I looked around in panic left and right I was the only one left in the beach and just like that I  felt myself collapse.

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