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The unforgiving winter gnawed at my heart, ensnaring it in a prison that I’m unable to leave. I closed my eyes, hoping to escape this frigid world. Opening them, to my surprise, I saw something brilliant and new. It was a single petal, floating to the ground. I threw myself towards it, examining this new specimen of existence. Suddenly, an abundance of petals floated down, forming a path that I rapidly followed. Reaching the end, the warmth of a newly formed spring enveloped me. I found myself whisked away to a brilliant garden, which was encamped by slender trees. Thousands of petals danced from the tree branches, decorating the ground. A bright sun shined down like an ethereal smile, melting the remaining amount of ice in my heart. It was a spring time paradise, and I longed for it to last forever, but then I closed and opened my eyes once more. Before me was the snow scene I thought I’d escaped. The cold pulled me back into its grasp, where I previously slumbered. Once more I closed my eyes, hoping that spring time would find me again, and release me from this winter.