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The jester stood in the king’s court doing his tricks. Many acrobatic flips and rolls, he told jokes and made the crowd laugh. Nothing could beat this man’s odd humor and slapstick gags, but it was all a farce. The painted smile, the rosy cheeks, all made up that morning just to be able to walk out in front of all those people everyday. Day after day, making a fool of himself just for the enjoyment of others. Most days he was fine with it;he enjoyed it even. It was a pleasant distraction from the everyday life that he had to go back to when his job was over. This was what he did when life beat him down, but now it seemed that life had even taken over that simple enjoyment in life. So he continued. He continued his lifeless act with the crowds none the wiser, and wondered if he’d always feel this way. A jester who had lost his jest; what would be his purpose in life? Unfortunately, no one would recognize him without his paint, and he was lost in the crowds when he departed to the life of no laughter; the jester’s life.

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