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It was finally the day my family and I would set out to get our new puppy.  I was overcome with excitement; I wished we were already there, but we had to drive three hours to a little farm in West Virginia. The car ride was long and every minute felt like an hour, but I knew that at some point we would arrive. Before we started on the highway we headed to Petco to engrave a dog tag for our puppy. We chose out a shimmery blue tag shaped as a bone and headed to the engraver.  My brother and I watched as the sharp engravers finished typing the front side which read “Sadie Hushon”.  After the front side, the machine turned the tag around and started typing our phone number and address. As it finished the machine slowly came to stop and deposited the dog tag.  My father picked the tag up and then we all headed to the counter.  

Once we finished paying at the counter we headed to the door and my heart lightened as I saw excited dogs wagging their tails and their owners walking beside heading in.  As we walked to the car I felt a sudden gulp in my throat as the memory of the dogs walking to the store, reminded me of my last dog, who had just passed away two months before.  When we reached the car we all headed in and off we were on the highway beginning the three hour drive.  As we were driving I started imagining what our new puppy would look like. The only thing I new about her was that she was a yellow lab and that her name was Sadie Hushon. After awhile I started to get bored, and I could tell my brother was as well, as we both sat in our seats looking off into the distance.  The car ride would never end and we would be driving for eternity.

I must have fallen asleep or just lost track of time, because sooner or later my Dad said “We’re almost there.”  My brother and I sat up straight in our seats fully awake now and excited.  I felt the rush of nervousness and excitement take over me as I looked out the window to see a sign that read “Deep Run Farms”.  At last I saw the sign and my heart began to beat quicker than ever.  As we drove up the sandy road, I saw the red barn getting closer and closer to my view.  “We’re here!” my dad called and once we came to a stop my brother and I raced to take our seat belts off and jumped out of the car.  My parents slowly got out and we headed to small red building, which I guessed held the puppies. I was wrong we had to wait ten minutes for my dad and the lady at the desk to finish the applications.  My brother and I sat in the corner, getting more impatient by the minute; as the lady was processing the applications.  

Finally the lady moved out of her desk and lead us to the puppies.  As we got closer and closer, I noticed a circled cage which held three large yellow labs.  One of the labs had a belly like a cow, which I guessed meant that she was the mother.  The lady walked up close to the gate and let us pet the two dogs.  They were energetic but very friendly and loved all the attention.  The dog in the back corner, we didn't get to pet since he was the grandfather.  Once we finished petting the dogs, the lady lead us to a small cage, where I saw a small white puppy, which golden brown patches on her ears and all over her back. She was the most beautiful colored dog I had ever seen, but I guessed, that she still had to grow a lot more before she could  be brought home. I was wrong; the lady walked straight over to the small puppies cage and opened the door.  She put a green color on the puppies neck, with a thin green leash attached to it.  I was in shock.  The puppy was so small, and looked so fragile, that I thought it wasn’t even old enough to be taken home.  As walked closer the lady asked me if I wanted to hold the puppy.  I walked forward and held out my arms.  The lady put the small puppy right into my arms.  

The puppy was so small and light, that I had no trouble holding her.  My brother walked up to me and pet the puppy.  She was so cute, that I held her a if she was a baby.  The lady smiled and told us that she was the last puppy in the litter, because all her other siblings had been sent all across the country.  I silently walked up toward my parents and they both smiled.  After awhile they thanked the lady and she told us to send her pictures of Sadie.  As we walked up the sandy road I gave the puppy to my brother, and I saw Colin’s smile start to grow.  At last in what felt like forever I felt a new kind of happiness, the happiness that I felt with Kirby.  

As we got to the car my dad opened the trunk and unlocked the crate door.  He then took Sadie out of Colin’s arms and slowly put her inside the crate.  After Sadie was all safe in her crate, we all got inside and headed for home. The drive was miserable, completely miserable. Sadie keep moaning, howling and crying the whole way home. Colin and I had to comfort her by praising her and telling her that everything was going to be alright . After the first hour of driving I wished I could have been somewhere else.  My head was hurting my throat was dry and I couldn’t fall asleep.  From the moment on I knew that we all were about to take a big responsibilty for young Sadie.

Finally after the miserable drive home I saw the Mintwood drive sign, and I knew we were finally home. Once we parked our car, my dad opened the trunk and took poor scared Sadie out of her crate. She looked worried and was shaking all over, which told me that she was very homesick.  He gave the puppy to me, and then he and my mom headed inside. My brothers birthday party was in about an hour, and my parents had to quickly set everything up. I got the best job, I had to watch over Sadie, while my parents were helping out at my brothers birthday party.  I took Sadie’s leash and lead her to the grass for a bathroom break, and I couldn’t help but smile as her small body ran along to the grass.  I knew that I was going to be taking a big responisibilty for the next year, but for now I decided to enjoy Sadie with my dogs old collar, as happy as she could be.

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