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Truth be Told


Truth be told, no one could say it was OK, when it happened. No one could comfort her, no one could tell her that she would be fine. Everything was wrong, nothing was right.


Truth be told, the only reason no one could tell her these things was that they would be lying. When it happened, she knew she was the only one that truly felt her pain. She knew that it would be over soon.


Truth be told, they all tried to make sure she didn’t know how bad it was, but the 4th stage is too hard to hide. No hospitals, just doctors, all over the house, never leaving. 5% percent chance of living is too small, too short a life.

Truth be told, when her time came, they knew. It was as if a large piece of you just, disappeared.

It is OK now.

Everything is fine

She feels no pain.

Her mother thought that, when the time came.

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