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Her drive.  Her determination.  Her goal.  Her’s was love.  Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.  They made eye contact.  They went to each other, and that’s when it started.  We met, she thought.  He and her together in moments of fun and laughter, hearts filled with love and joy.  We laughed, she thought.  Their friendship bloomed into what seemed like a perfect relationship.  We all know nothing is perfect. They fought and argued.  The went back to their old homes.  They reconnected.  They felt like everything was in place.  We held on fast, she thought.  That's when it all came crashing down.  He spoke to a girl, one much prettier than her.  A spark of jealousy lit the fire. She did something very regretful.  She made a very hurtful mistake, a mistake that could not be forgiven.  He was furious, he was mad, and he was disappointed.  He left without one last goodbye.  “And then we said goodbye.” he said to himself.

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