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My New Best Friend

It all started on may 3, 2002.  I was a young child just learning. My parents got home at 5:00 pm.  When the babysitter left, the door didn’t close.  I saw rays of light knocking at the door.  I crawled over to the door.  My fingers cracked it open.  My eyes exploded with colors, as I looked out.   While not paying attention, I fell into the pile of grass clippings next to the railing.  Rolling out of the clippings, I continued my journey to lots of metal boxes moving and releasing the same toxic smell from my dad’s snowmobiles.  Loud honking noises filled the air. I was looking at a white stripe on cracked grey dirt. Just then a figure moved toward me with barking sounds.  It was moving closer and picked me up by my bib tossing me into the soft feeling of daisies.  Looking up I heard yelps. My parents ran out spotting me in the grass. They heard the sound, while walking over and seeing a dog on the pavement.  The vet said she was ok. The dog woke while mom put the collar around my best friend.

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