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I see my mother in pain at the hospital, with her big round stomach facing the sky. She lays in a bed with family around her. A big scream, so big that I hide underneath a chair, so big my brother jumps a foot; so big everyone stops their conversation to look, then everyone claps and is smiling, I stand up, mom looks relieved I see a little thing curled up in her arms then the doctors takes the thing away. A few minutes later they come back with a so called “bundle of joy”

“Meet your new baby sister,” mom said with a big smile on her face. We sleep at the hospital that night.

I wake up to the sound of crying, I walk into Mom and Dad’s room to see them full out crying. Leaning over a dead not so joyful bundle of joy. After that day everybody’s lives just froze. Waiting in space for something to happen, yet nothing is.

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