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The Lost Watch

Regret.  That’s what I was feeling.  I had really done it this time.  I had really messed up.  It was starting to look like one of the worst choices i’ve made.  I had traded away my dad’s pocket watch that had been passed down in our family for generations.  I had traded away the pocket watch away to a kid named John Hillman for a few baseball cards.  John and I were going to a school called Jeffrey Hillman school and the founder just so happened to be John’s grandfather.  John had come from a very wealthy family.  

At first it had seemed like a good deal but then I started to realise how much value it had to it.  I didn’t understand how much value it had to it.  I didn’t take enough time to think about the sentimental value it had to it.  It had been passed down in our family for generations so it obviously had a lot of value and meaning to it. .  I couldn’t understand why I gave it away.  Why didn’t I think about how much it meant to my dad and my family.  

I would now have to figure out away to tell my dad.  I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he would have once I told him that I had given it away.  I had told him that I had given it away and all I could see was a look of disappointment on his face.  All he could say was “why, why, just for a few baseball cards.”  After that I knew that I would have to get it back.  

I would need to make a trade back for the watch.  I wasn’t sure if John would agree to the trade or ask for more because I had shown real interest in getting the watch back.  I had asked John for another trade for the watch but of course John’s reaction was what else is there in it for me.  It was just the way John had always been and because I had showed a lot of desire to get the watch back there was no way that John would give it back that easily.  John was just always trying to mess me up and annoy me.  

I knew that it wouldn’t be too easy getting the card back.  John wouldn’t just hand it over like that.  John was tall, slim, unathletic, and a greedy kid who was always wanting more than given.  After showing a lot of interest in getting the watch back John obviously knew that the watch had value to it.  I would have to figure out a way to convince John enough to give me back the watch.  

I started to feel worse and worse thinking about how I gave it away.  It was like I didn’t know what to do.  I just couldn’t figure out how to get it back.  I would have to find something and make it seem valuable enough to con John in to giving it to me.  I started to think of what John would do anything to have   It was starting to feel almost like a game.  It was like all I was trying to do was to figure out the next step.

I began to think of how this all happened.  This all wouldn’t have happened if I had just thought about how much it had meant to my dad and family.  I didn’t know why I had given it away considering how much sentimental value it had.  When I had decided to make the trade for a few baseball cards it was almost like I had forgot all about it.  I was just focused on the baseball cards I would get.  It was like anytime I had the opportunity or chance to get baseball cards I would take it.  Baseball cards were like a weakness to me.  

I had to think of a way to complete the deal.  I knew that john almost like me with baseball cards had an obsession with collecting coins.  It was an interesting obsession.  I was thinking then it hit me what was the thing that John needed most.  The first thing that came to mind was the U.S 1945 Buffalo it was one of the rarest coins ever made and also the last coin John needed to complete his collection.  There weren’t many made so I knew it would be tricky to fool John.  

I was thinking of a way to fake the coin.  Faking the coin would be my only option.  It would be very difficult considering how much John payed attention to detail.  It was a strange obsession John had.  Every day as soon as he came home John would check and clean each and every coin he had.  I had never seen anyone that devoted to something.  It would be incredibly difficult to get anything passed John but I had to take a chance.  

I had figured out a plan, I could fake the coin and trade it away to John without a trace of him ever knowing.  It was brilliant.  All I had to do now was get a coin with a similar look and year.  There was just one problem, I had no idea how I would find a coin to fake it.  There was now only one chance of finding a coin that would be able to fake the U.S 1945 Buffalo.  I would have to go to my grandparents house.  My grandfather had a big collection of coins from when he was a kid.  It would be a great idea to look at my grandparent’s house.  I wasn’t quite sure why I didn’t think of it before.  

It wouldn’t be too hard finding a coin with a similar look and year but the hard part would be asking my grandpa for a coin.  My grandfather’s reaction was interesting.  When I had asked for the coin it almost seemed like I had taken something out of his childhood.  It would take quite a lot of convincing but after I had explained to him that it was just one coin he finally gave it up.  He had finally understood that I really needed it.

The coin was perfect.  It really did look like the U.S 1945 Buffalo.  The coin had looked rusty and beat up which did made it look older.  I had the coin and everything was starting to look a lot better.  I would now have to get a case or something to make it look rare and valuable when I would make the trade with John.  

I had gotten everything and was ready to make the trade back but there was just one thing.  I wasn’t sure what my dad’s reaction would be to all this.  I didn’t know if I should tell him now or after I had gotten the watch back.  I had just decided to tell him now.  I had guessed it, my dad’s reaction had been what are you going to do after John figures out what happened.  

I listened to what my dad had said but I was still going to go through with it.  It was my only chance of getting the watch back.  It had been a while since I had traded the watch away.  There was no telling what John could have done with it but after knowing John it was probably well kept.

The day had finally come I was going to go through with the trade.  I didn’t know what to expect from John.  I showed John the coin and his eyes lit up he was absolutely surprised to see it.  All John could say was “could it really be, could it

actually be the U.S 1945 Buffalo.”  I couldn’t believe it I had actually pulled it off.  It almost felt like I had pulled off some sort of heist.  

Everything had worked out fine, or did it.  I was starting to feel a bit of guilt after it happened.  I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction John would have when he figured everything out but all I know was that I wouldn’t be around when he did.  

I had learned a lot from everything but I just couldn’t get understand how I gave away something so important.  It just didn’t make any sense.  I had made a bad mistake but that was all behind me.  I would have to move on and learn from it.  

The end






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