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I walked up the stairs and got on to the big yellow school bus, there are 17 other kids in my class but I wasn’t really friends with any of them really the only friends I have are in Mrs. Jensen’s class and I am in Mr. Samuel’s class. I took a seat towards the back of the bus and luckily nobody tried to sit next to me.

“Who's ready to go camping?” Mr. Samuel shouted.

“Yay!” the other kids in my class shouted.

It was a 2 hour drive to Mt. Hood and I hated bus rides, the seats are super uncomfortable you are basically sitting on springs also everybody is always shouting so it's impossible to fall asleep, I mean you’d think that people would be a little quieter in 8th grade but I guess not. Most of the ride I was just looking out the window because we weren’t allowed to bring our phones because we are supposed to be out in nature, I thought that was crap, but Mr. Samuel didn’t so I am just supposed to stare out the window for 2 hours.

As we were pulling into the parking lot everybody let out a huge scream but I didn’t want to be here. All the other homerooms got to go to Washington D.C. or Six Flags and for our 8th grade trip we were going camping on a actual mountain.

“Everybody get off the bus in single file, people in the back first.”

I waited for the four people behind me to go than I started walking off the bus. When I got off Mr. Samuel pulled  me aside “You don’t look too happy to be here?”

“Camping is not really my thing.” I responded.

“It's going to be your thing for the next 2 days because we are all part of a team, so make sure you keep a good attitude.”

“Yes, sir.” I said. And he walked up to the front of the class.

“Follow me.”

“How long of a hike will it be?” Andrea asked.

“Approximately two miles.”

“What.” She said. “I can’t walk that far with this 300 pound bag on my back!”

“First off your bag isn’t 300 pounds and secondly you are going to walk that far because you signed up for this it was completely optional.”

“Fine.” She said.

This only reason I signed up for this was because I was failing science class and Mr. Samuel is the science teacher so you get extra credit for this and that would take me back up to a C. We were only 10 minutes into the hike when my back started to hurt from carrying all my stuff. Every 20 minutes or so Mr. Samuel would stop us to get water or to teach us about different types of trees, I wouldn’t really listen since I was at the back of the line but I was also thinking about how my friends are probably at home right now playing video games or at Cedar Point riding the Gatekeeper. I always wanted to go to Cedar Point and ride the Gatekeeper.

“What type of tree is this Timothy?” Mr. Samuel said catching me off guard.

“Umm, Berch?”

“Very good!” He said.

Berch is the only type of tree I know so I got lucky on that one. We started moving again and it have been and hour of so because it was starting to turn a little dark.

“Were almost there!” he said

“How much farther?” Andrea asked.

“About 20 steps.”



I was so happy that we finally got here, it felt like it took forever. We put our stuff down and Mr. Samuel taught us how to put our tents up and once we got them set up he started a fire and I walked around and came to what looked like a cliff I am a little bit afraid of heights so I stood back a little bit.

“Hey Johnny come look at this!” I yelled.

“What do you want Timothy?”

“Come look” And he came over and I pretended to act like I was going to shove him.

“What the heck was that for?” And he stormed off. I walked back over just in time for hotdogs. We only needed to pack for one dinner because we were only staying one night than in the mourning we would go on a “nature hike” than pack up and go home.

“Do you want a hot dog Timothy?”

“Sure” I said. And he picked one up and put it on the makeshift grill he had made over the fire. I took a seat on the moist dirty ground which did not feel good but I didn't care at this point because I was already really dirty.

“Timothy your hotdog is ready!”

“Thank you Mr. Samuel.”

“Your welcome.”

I got a bun and chowed down I was so hungry all I had, had since breakfast was two protein bars that my mom packed in my backpack. I finished eating and stayed by the fire for a little bit longer but it was getting really dark out and I was tired so I decided to get in my tent and got to bed while the rest of my class was singing campfire songs, so I went into my tent and saw something dark that looked like a massive worm and I let out a massive scream “Ahhhhhhh” And I ran out of my tent as quickly as I could and over to Mr. Samuel.

“What are you screaming about?”

“There's a snake in my tent!” And I looked over to see Johnny smirking.

“Okay calm down.”

But I couldn’t calm down Johnny put a snake in my tent so I let it out “Johnny get that snake out of my tent!”

“Okay, okay.”

“Johnny did you put a snake in Timothy’s tent?” Mr. Samuel asked.

“Yes, only beac…”

“Just get the snake out of his tent.”

“Yes, sir.” Johnny said disappointingly.

I finally got in my tent snake free, I didn’t have one of those fancy sleeping bags it was just one that you take over to your friend’s house and I spent the whole night curled up in ball inside of my sleeping bag it was so cold. I thought it would be in like the 40s at night because it was summer but I was not expecting it to be below freezing.

“Ahhhh!” Somebody screamed.

“It's a bear, its a bear!” And by this time all the other kids were up but I only got 5 hours of sleep and I did not feel like getting up at 6 to go on hike. And I stepped out of my tent to see a large Black Bear standing in front of me “So that's why they were screaming.” I whispered. The bear was turned the other way so I tried to sneak around it but then “CRACK!” I had stepped on a stick and I darted back into my tent. All I had to do was wait till Mr. Samuel got back from the mourning hike. I probably could have gotten out if I had one of those fancy tents with two entrances.

After about 20 minutes of constant sweating not knowing when the bear would strike I decided to move, had been a while since I had heard the bear so I unzipped the front door of the tent and quickly ran out as fast as I could I kept running and running till I was out of breath. “Hello, is anybody there?” I yelled. “Hello.” I yelled again. There was no luck so I decided to take a bathroom break since I hadn’t gone the whole time. I walked behind a tree and went, then I heard something “Crack!, crunch!” And I slowly turned around thinking it was a bear and it was! “Ahhhhhh!” but before I could move it hit me with its claw right in the arm and again in the leg “Ahhhhh!” I screamed in pain. I tried to limp away but I couldn’t in time as it hit me again this time in the belly “Ahhhh!” and all I could think about as I lay on the ground was how I didn’t want to die on this mountain suddenly out of nowhere I heard people.

“Timothy!” Mr. Samuel yelled dramatically. They all screamed at the bear and it ran away. “We have to get you to a hospital!” Somebody said I couldn’t tell who, I was falling out of consciousness.

At this point I was bleeding bad so they picked me up and carried me back to the camp site where I was put in my sleeping bag and on a temporary stretcher type thing. The next thing I knew I was being carried down the mountain. There was no cell service and nobody had a phone anyway. Then suddenly everything went black.

I woke up in what looked like to be a hospital room and I looked around but nobody was in the room, I felt my chest but there were no cuts, bruises or anything then my arm, nothing. Suddenly the door opened.

“You're finally awake!” The doctor said.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Just over 2 years.”


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