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The first thing we think of when it comes to brown eyes is that they are just simply brown. Unlike blue eyes, where you can hear the blue waves crashing against the iris, unlike green eyes, where they are the color of plants and leaves in a jungle, its secrets waiting to be unraveled, unlike  grey eyes, where they shine as bright as the moon, or like the stars glistening into the abyss of a black space, but brown eyes are just brown. Dark, but with no meaning. But that’s a lie.

Brown eyes are the soil where flowers grow, the color of fresh coffee that you wake up to in the morning, brown eyes are the color of sweet chocolate that melts into your mouth and dripping onto your tongue. Brown eyes are the color of a golden Mars when they hit the sun, its color mixing from a dark coffee to a beautiful mix of amber with swirls of soil and hints of red like the leaves of fall, swirling into a forest in autumn. Yet we always say that our eyes are just dull brown. Not beautiful or majestic, just simply brown.

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