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Screeeech!  That was the sound of the bus filled with kids which was swerving off of the road, and that’s when they noticed.  Two fifth graders, saw their busdriver on the ground.  Jack and Bryan, the two fifth graders, ran up to the front of the bus.  They saw their busdriver, who had passed out.  Bryan recalled seeing him drinking out of a small flask before driving, and wondered if that had to do with this misfortune.  Besides that, Jack and Bryan had to operate the bus and the kids to safety, let alone even drive!  

Neither of them could reach the pedals, so they devised a plan.  Jack would steer while Bryan would work the pedals.  They both had seen their parents drive and knew how to helm and work the pedals.  Jack maneuvered right back onto the road, and they were off.  They soon heard retching in the background.  They looked back to see their busdriver vomiting.

Jack would frequently yell to Bryan,

“Break” or “Keep going.”

Repeating this procedure many times, they found a bus stop.  They pulled in, and saw very happy parents awaiting for their kids’ arrival not knowing at all what had just happened.

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