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Marley was heading down the highway, after the work day, the radio blasting. Rain was hitting her windshield hard, like it’s trying to hit her. As Marley went to get off the highway a SUV cut her off,  Marley hit the brakes so hard it could’ve left a dent. Marley slamming into the airbag, while her car and her went flying the air,

“I’m going to die” Marley thought as the car flipping into the ditch.

The man in the SUV came down to help pull out Marley, as the  sirens screeched . Marley was rushed to the hospital, the man who hit Marley was John, John’s wife was dying of leukemia, John was rushing to be by her side as she said her last words. But John never got to say goodbye because he didn't want another family to suffer a wound to their heart like he did. That happened 3 years ago, today both are reaching towards their future,  Marley wearing a vail, John wearing a suit, both walking down the aisle.  

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