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I’ve lived in this house my entire life. I’d thought i’ve seen every nook and cranny, but we were standing in somewhere I’d never imagine stepping foot in. The room was covered in dust and cobwebs, not as welcoming as I’d hope but there was something in the back that caught my attention. Pushing past the cobwebs streaming in my face, I took my first steps. They creaked on the worn-out wood flooring until I reached the end of the room. A chest. “What would a chest be doing here?” I wondered, but I wouldn’t know until I open it. The large chest opened with one swift movement and a large puff of dust flew at my face, but the inside was glamourous. Jewels and gorgeous coins sparkled, not a flaw on them. I lifted up the paper covering them, it was a map with the date “5-24-97”. I remembered that date instantly, the date of one of the most famous robberies ever recorded. I backed up, more shocked than I’ve ever been in my life. “Are my parents criminals?!”

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