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“Do you understand your rights as they have been read to you?” An officer bashes Jordan’s face against the rear window.

            “You didn’t read no rights.” Jordan struggles to make out as he gasps for air.

            “Shut up, nigger.”

            A haunting car ride to a part of town that Jordan never would’ve dreamed of visiting blurs his vision. His eyes twitch against the fiber of the seat, his hands restrained behind his back force him to lean forward. He falls victim to the system that kills the dreams of niggas.

            He sits in silence. The words of his brother blast over the wailing of sirens. “You’re nothing without this gang” “Where would you be without me?” “You followed me” “You’ll be my bitch.”

            Jordan closes his eyes and allows the movement of the car to nauseate him. Through his eyelids there are shades of blue and red, a black man’s nightmare.

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