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How was I supposed to focus on radioactive decay when Brett’s voice was filling my ears? May was speaking too, but I could only hear Brett. I badly wanted to be distracted from their kiss scene, but I remained captivated.

My heart raced. I wasn’t even the one about to make out with someone on stage. They were calm, and they knew that they would have to kiss in front of a one thousand person audience in a few weeks. I cleared my mind and looked back down at my chemistry worksheet.

“I love you,” Brett’s voice echoed. I looked up just in time to see May put her lips on Brett’s.

A part of me fell apart. I had been up for May’s role. Maybe if I’d worked harder I would’ve gotten it and been in her place. The curtain closed. I returned to my work solemnly.

“I wonder if anyone could tell,” May whispered. Her mic was still on. I discreetly hung upon her every word. Brett laughed.

“I love you,” Brett replied. The sound of a kiss followed.

I shattered silently, but still wrote the products of the decay of Americium-241.

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