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 The path is a little vessel, leading me to the main artery- the untrodden sea. The grass shifts as an organism, and that is how the earth tends to work- moving as a single organism. And when I reach the end of the path, the mouth of the ocean is ready to swallow me whole. Then I realize that my existence means nearly nothing in the grand scheme of occurrences. I am standing at the edge now. Nothing surrounds me but the forest, waving grass, and sea. I have my favorite song on, and I close my eyes. The breeze tingles through shuttering eyelashes, a kiss from the lips of totality. I look to the sky for my ultimate answer. It’s shocking blue houses no powdered white- it is sharp and clear, a mirror imagine of this moment of clarity I am experiencing. I lay on my back to witness the gaping sky. It looks down upon me. I take a photograph with an empty mind. The image resonates. I do not have a specific reasoning- but to just be.


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